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Yes, We’re Still Going to Brag About Being Ranked the #2 Party School

2. Pennsylvania State University

Undergraduate Enrollment: 38,954
On-campus Disciplinary Actions, Drugs: 199
On-campus Disciplinary Actions, Alcohol: 475
On-campus Arrests, Drugs: 225
On-campus Arrests, Alcohol: 742
Princeton Review Party School Rank: 7
Princeton Review Beer Drinking Rank: 1

Full List HERE

I hate how people think we can’t brag about partying because of the scandal, sanctions, etc. Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit. What? We should stop partying and being the best school on the planet because of some officials that fucked up? Na, they’re not gonna ruin it for us. Partying is part of Penn State, whether the religious moms or professors, or media, or whoever…likes it or not.

I can hear the haters already: “You don’t care about the victims, you are bad people!” Bla, bla, bla, bla, ….BLA.

To those people I say, you’re dead wrong. We do care about the victims. We are going to raise money and support child sex abuse victims, we are going to raise millions for pediatric cancer (like we do every single year, it’s called THON…Google it), and yes, get THIS, and then we are gonna get drunk and have more fun than any other university on the planet. That’s what we do. We take care of our shit, and then have fun. Work hard, play hard. Well-rounded.

Keep on keeping on, Penn State. Keep shotgunning those Natty Lights on Monday afternoons, because shit, the NCAA and Mr. Erickson owes us a beer or two that I don’t think we’ll ever see.


Via: The School Philly