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NCAA Bracket Bet: Sexy Banana Eating Tutorial

With the 2012 NCAA Tournament Final Four only a few days away, it is safe to say many of us have already lost in our brackets. With some crazy upsets, no one seemed to have a perfect bracket with both ESPN and Yahoo.

Many of us enter these $10.00 brackets hoping to win some extra cash; but lets face it, is the cash what we really want? Bragging rights hold high in March Madness, even bringing both children and women who have no college basketball knowledge.

Wired 96.5, a Philadelphia Radio Station, took the 2012 NCAA Brackets to the next level. The Chio, Shila & Tingle Morning Show, did their own contest where the loser would have to do a Sexual Banana Eating Tutorial both on video and live on Air! With only one girl (Shila), I bet many of the listeners had no doubt who would lose this contest. But with Ohio State defeating Syracuse on Saturday, it seems it will not be a female doing the tutorial. The loser was actually the 300lb Chio! Being a great sport Chio went with the dare only to find out at the end he really did not lose the bet (WHAT?).

Its great to see some of the crazy bets during March Madness. Watch the video below of Chio’s Sexy Banana Eating Tutorial, and feel free to tell us your dare.