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Wired 96.5 Summer Rumble 2012 Recap

Saturday, June 23,2012 — The Delaware County area was the place to be for a unique Celebrity fight that took place, The World Pillow Fighting Championships.  The Fight took place at Marple Sports Arena in Broomall, PA. The Headline fight of the night was a 3 round battle between Wired 96.5 host Shila Nathan vs. the Ugly Octomom. This was the first event for Philly Sports Live to take part in as new Partners with Wired 96.5, the Undercard feature several fights for the World Pillow Fighting Championship. The First fight that Started Summer Rumble 2012 was Tia Lawson vs  Jessika May with Tia Picking up the win.  The Under-card Fight that stood out the most was the fight between Jillian Titus against Linda Farina, it was a one amazing fight to watch, another interesting fight was Becca Ryan vs Shannon Hoppe, it was a very funny fight to watch. In the end , Jillian Titus won the World Pillow fighting Championship. The Main Event was Shila vs Octomom, Lindsay Lohan father Michael Lohan was the Referee for the main event. the fight was ugly and loaded with controversy, Octomom broke Shila 2 fingers on her right hand and shila fought the rest of the fight left handed, Promoter Damon Feldman came in and declared the fight a DRAW.

Below are the Reactions from the Under-card Fighters which were Champions Jillian Titus, Linda Farina & Becca Ryan on the event & the outcome in the Shila vs Octomom fight.

Becca Ryan Reaction to Wired 96.5 Summer Rumble 2012::

1. Question: have you ever done a pillow fight before Summer Rumble 2012?
Becca: “no I have not”

2. Question: What was it like being in a fight like that?
Becca: “It was very interesting!”

3. Question: What would you take away from your fight and what would you do different if you were to fight again?
Becca: “I would take away the fun experience, and I wouldn’t do anything differently”

4. Question: What was your Reaction to the Shila vs. Octomom Decision?
Becca: “Shila should have won!”

5. Question: Give your reaction about Jillian Titus who won the Championship, how would she favor against Octomom?
Becca: “I think that Jillian would have kicked her ass.”

Linda Farina Reaction to Wired 96.5  Summer Rumble 2012:

1. Question: Do you see a rematch between you & Jillian Titus in Winner Take all for the Title?
Linda: “maybe if we were both going to be equally trained”

2. Question: What was your Reaction to the Shila vs. Octomom Decision?
Linda: ” I think it was bulls**t they should called a winner regardless. Octomom should have been disqualified for ripping the pillow out of Shila hand several times”

3. Question: Out of all the fights you been in, was Jillian Titus the Hardest opponent you ever faced?
Linda:” I think she had more skill then any of the other girls that I fought which made it difficult but I think my first fight was more difficult trying to overcome the size difference. if that makes sense”

World Pillow Fighting Champion Jillian Titus:

1. Question– Did you have previous experience in Doing Pillow Fights before Summer Rumble 2012?
Jillian– “No I did not have previous experience in pillow fights”.

2. Question– What type of Challenge did Linda Farina present to you during Summer Rumble 2012?
Jillian– “Linda had experience with her previous win.”

3. Question– What was your Reaction when you were announced the Winner of World Pillow Fighting Championship?
Jillian– “Happy, excited, ready to celebrate!”

4. Question– How would you favor in a fight vs. Octomom?
Jillian-“ I would whoop her ass. She has no form or method to her fighting other than jumping around the ring like a child hopped up on sugar. I would love to get a chance with her in the ring”.

5. Question- What would you take away from your fight vs. Linda & what would you do different if you were to fight again?
Jillian- “That she’s a good clean fighter, I honestly don’t think I would do anything different.”

6. Question- What was your Reaction to the Shila vs. Octomom Decision?
Jillian-“ I thought it was bulls**t! Octomom was fighting dirty from the start of the fight”

7. Question- Out of all the fights you been in, was Linda the Hardest opponent you ever faced?
Jillian- “Unfortunately no my battle with cancer was a far more difficult fight both times”.

Shila Nathan’s Reaction to Wired 96.5  Summer Rumble 2012:

The Main Event was a interesting fight to see, it gout out of hand, at one point the referee Michael Lohan & Chio were talking alot of smack on each other and at times it felt like that they were going to go at it. Below is Shila reaction about the fight with Octomom.

1. Question- Have you done Pillow Fight before Summer Rumble 2012?
Shila- “No, it was my first time doing a fight of this nature”

2. Question- How did the fight with Octomom get started?
Shila- “Was talking general Bulls**t about Octomom, Fight Promoter Damon Feldman said that Octomom got pissed off & Called me OUT for fight”

3. Question- How long did it take to train for the fight?
Shila- “It took a Couple Weeks to get ready for the fight against Octomom”

4. Question- How did the injury to your hand happen in the fight.
Shila- “The Injury to my right hand happened in first round 20 seconds in , once our pillows were stuck, Octomom grabbed my right hand and heard a Crack in my 2 fingers which were the index & middle, I was forced to finish the  rest of fight left handed which has no power, After Fight was over, got X-rays done and it showed that the index and middle fingers  were broken, Time to recovery is  6-8 Weeks”

5. Question- Do you want a rematch with Octomom.
Shila- “TBA,”

6. Question- What would you have done differently in the fight with Octomom?,
Shila- “I would not have taken it lightly, did not know that Octomom was fighting Dirty, did not know if she was going to be Hurtful”

Watch a video from the fight: