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Will all this DP Movement have ramifications for the Union?

This transfer market has seen an explosion of DP movement throughout the MLS. Teams are trading and acquiring. With Tim Cahill, Federico Higuain, and Christian Tiffert being some of the newest DP’s in the league. The league has also seen DP’s being traded to other MLS teams such as De Guzman, Alvaro Fernandez, and Eric Hassli. I am going to try and break down what is going with all this DP movement and figure out where the Union stand.

On Friday, the Chicago Fire traded for DP midfielder Alvaro Fernandez from the Seattle Sounders shortly after the trade Sounders announced the signing of German midfielder Christian Tiffert. Before trading for Fernandez, Chicago signed striker Sherjil MacDonald. The Chicago Fire are not the only team in the East who have bolstered their squad up. Within days after TFC’s star striker Danny Kovermans suffered a season ending injury, TFC announced the signing of DP striker Eric Hassli from the Vancouver Whitecaps. New England has their stud in the wings Jerry Bengston who currently is with Honduras at the Olympics, Jerry has netted three goals in 2 games in London. Houston also has a new Honduran DP in Oscar Boneik Garcia. Even Columbus signed a DP this transfer window when they announced the signing of Federico Higuain.

Out of all the movement in the East one signing trumps them all, NYRB’s announcement of the landing of Tim Cahill, from EPL club Everton. For fans of the EPL you know Cahill as a hard worker, goal scorer, great attacking midfielder who can create and distribute. The Australian international is a major signing for MLS and make NYRB the team to beat. With this much talent the MLS Cup is New York’s to lose.

The West has been pretty tame compared to the East the only DP signing this transfer window so far has come from the Whitecaps and FCD. Dallas traded for holding midfielder De Guzman from Toronto. Vancouver has been making major moves and don’t look to be done. They signed two big Scottish players in Barry Robson and Scottish captain Kenny Miller. With Whitecaps trading away Hassli they have an open spot that can bring in captain Americ Carlos Bocanegra who has been flirting with a move to MLS.

Article Via: Total Sports Live