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Why Michael Vick Will Never Come Out Of A Game

We are all wondering why, after being beat down in Sunday’s game, Michael Vick was not sidelined.  Vick was hit 60+ times in three games and 20+ times against the Arizona Cardinals.  But as we all know, the NFL is indeed a business. Vick was paid $100 million dollars to be the best quarterback for this football team.  Part of the contract says that Vick is guaranteed roughly $40 Million dollars. This means that if Vick is sidelined and Foles comes in as the next “Face of the Franchise,” Vick is still owed his guaranteed money.

Lets dig a little deeper into the business scenario. If Vick stays in the football game, but picks up an injury, what will happen?  Well, the Philadelphia Eagles have taken an insurance policy out for Vick. This means that if the quarterback is injured and unlikely to play, he will be covered by the insurance.

Sound crazy?

Why else would Andy Reid not pull Vick from the game against the Cardinals?