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Which Rookie QB is Your Best Bet

2012 kicks off with five new starting quarterbacks who were playing in the college ranks just last season.  Which one of these rookie starters has the best chance of success?

Robert Griffin III, Redskins — RG3′s 4.41 speed will make the Redskins’ bootleg play a lethal one.  He has the instinct of an elite running back which should add to his running stats.  He also has the ability to throw the long ball.  His penchant for running, however, may make him more vulnerable to injury in the rugged NFL.

Andrew Luck, Colts — Luck excels at mid-range passes and likes to hit his tight ends.  Luck hit Coby Fleener 6 times during the first week’s loss to the Bears.  While Luck may have been the first pick in the NFL draft, his lack of a supporting cast means that he won’t have as much potential to excel as RGIII.

Russell Wilson, Seahawks – Wilson set the NCAA record at Wisconsin with a 191.8 rating.  He ended the preseason at 119.4–the best rating for a QB in the NFL preseason.  The rap against Wilson is his height.  He’s one of the few remaining QB’s under 6 feet tall and the trend in the NFL is definitely toward tall QB’s.

Ryan Tannehill, Dolphins — We all got to watch Tannehill win the starting job during the Hard Knocks series.  We also got a chance to meet his hot wife who will likely be a candidate for our Football’s Hottest Wives competition this season.  Tannehill has a familiar coach in Mike Sherman who was also the coach at Texas A&M so that should help his evolution to the NFL.  A lack of decent wide receivers on a very poor team won’t help Tannehill’s stats much in 2012.

Brandon Weeden, Browns – Expect a long season for Weeden and his first game against the Eagles was a rough one with a quarterback rating of 5.1–the worst start ever for a quarterback.  It won’t help that Cleveland’s wide receivers are horrible with Greg Little as the only capable one.