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Week 2 Wrap-up: Eagles vs. Ravens

After another tough battle filled with costly turnovers, Michael Vick led the Eagles to their second straight comeback 4th quarter win over the Baltimore Ravens. Deep into the 4th quarter, the Eagles trailed the Ravens 23-17 before the offense took the field for their final drive of the game and last chance to put the Birds on top. After quick completions to Brent Celek and Clay Harbor along with some quick moving plays, the Eagles managed to move the ball to the Baltimore Ravens 1 yard line which set up a one yard Michael Vick rushing touchdown. To seal the deal, it was the Eagles defense that came up with the final stop on Joe Flacco and the Ravens offense.

The win did not come easy for the Eagles. The story of the game was their struggle to protect the ball which proved to be a struggle against the Browns as well. In just two games, the Eagles offense managed to give up the ball nine times. Ball security is what led the game to come down to the 4th quarter as the Eagles lost the ball plenty of times in scoring position. Once again however, it was a second half turn-around by the offense as well as impressive defensive stops that led to the Eagles second victory of the season.

The Eagles offense left the game with a few notable concerns. Center Jason Kelce, tackle King Dunlap, and wide receiver Jeremy Maclin all left the game with injuries. Kelce and Dunlap’s injuries were especially significant as the offensive line came down to just five players by the 4th quarter and some struggles to adjust to the Ravens defense. There is no word on the status of those players as of right now.

Next week, the Eagles will take on Kevin Kolb and the Arizona Cardinals who are coming off a shocking late 4th quarter win over the New England Patriots. Kickoff is set for Sunday at 4:05 pm.