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Victorino Looking For a Five Year Deal

CLEARWATER, Fla. — Shane Victorino walked across Mike Schmidt Field on Thursday morning at Carpenter Complex, turning his head occasionally to chirp at Cole Hamels, who had just finished running on another field.

Hamels and Victorino are the Phillies’ two biggest potential free agents following this season.

Victorino said this week he would prefer to make a deal with Philadelphia sooner rather than later. He also said he is looking for a five-year deal, but is willing to take a reasonable hometown discount to avoid free agency.

“Most athletes want to go to free agency because that’s when you maximize and you really feel what you’re worth. But I’m willing to not even worry about going that route. I love this place. This is the place that gave me my chance. I’m a World Series champion in this city. That’s stuff that forever that will be remembered. I want to be here. My family loves it. Everybody loves this place.”

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