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Vick, a Firestorm in Philly

On Saturday June 8, Eagles QB Michael Vick was a guest on Howard Eskin show on SportsRadio 94 WIP; he explained a series of recent remarks that have created a firestorm in Philly.

Vick apparently said that he was not getting enough reps & splitting Reps with Nick Foles, Matt Barkley & Dennis Dixon?

Vick: “I didn’t say I wasn’t getting enough reps, I never said that out of my mouth, and I wasn’t even asked that question to give a response in that fashion.  It’s five quarterbacks, and everybody has to get reps.  Everybody has to get better.  I understand that.  I even help the other quarterbacks when I’m not getting reps, because it’s just in me to help and to try to coach them, and to help myself.  We all wish we could get more reps.  I wish I could get more reps during the course of a practice.  I wish I could have got half of the plays that somebody else may have got, but that wasn’t my selection for the day.  It’s difficult at times but at the same time you’ve got to understand the process that we’re all going through, and we’re all in a learning phase.”

Vick also had a desire for Coach Kelly to name a starter for training camp

Vick: “I was asked, ‘Do you hope that Coach Kelly makes a decision on the quarterback position before training camp?’  I said, ‘Yeah, I would hope so that a decision is made before training camp because I don’t want to continue to get asked the questions about who is having a better practice or who had a better practice that day or who is more equipped to run the offense,”

About answering the Questions honest

Vick “I guarantee you if you ask Chip what he felt about me answering the question honestly, he’ll probably tell you that he was pleased with that, other than me just saying something that I really didn’t believe in my heart,” Vick said.  “Because that’s what he’s instilled in us.  Wake up wanting to be great.  Wake up wanting to be the best you can be.  Don’t think otherwise.  Have the confidence.  And those are the things that he preaches to us in team meetings and those are the things that he wants us to go out and portray in our life, to try to be great every day.  And I think me and my competitive edge want to put myself in a position where I can be great.  And I feel like if that’s get more reps, yeah, that’s what I want.  So just being honest.”

Regarding being asked the same question every day:

Vick: “I mean, the questions are getting repetitive.  It’s every day.  I know as professionals we have to fulfill certain obligations and respect the media.  But at the same time we all have emotions, too.  So sometimes you have to be honest in order to deter questions and make sure that the reporter gets exactly what they want and that you get your point across.  So I was just trying to relay the message that, yeah, if it was up to me, I’d say yeah.  And that’s just me and how I feel and me being honest about it.  So that’s it.”

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