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Trade “Dud”line

The 4 pm trading deadline came and went today with no action from the Phillies’ front office. Ruben Amaro, Jr. worked the phones, but was unable to make any deals. He was not able to make any deals due to the fact that he has handcuffed this team. From no trade clauses to player options, to long term contracts, Amaro made it pretty much impossible to move anyone today.

As for tonight’s game, a popular name in those trade talks took the mound in the person of Cliff Lee. Lee was making his third start since coming off the disabled list, but tonight he would suffer a relapse.

With two outs in the third inning, Lee took himself out of the game complaining of elbow discomfort. It’s the same injury he suffered back in May. Just like that, he was gone from the game and the bullpen was pressed into action.

Luckily, the Phillies’ offense showed up and helped the relievers breathe easy. The offense pounded out 17 hits tonight against Nationals’ pitching, and scored a total of 10 runs.

Ben Revere went 4-6 tonight with two runs scored. Grady Sizemore and Jimmy Rollins each had three hits, with Sizemore knocking in three runs. Chase Utley and Marlon Byrd each also chipped in two RBIs apiece.

With the exception of a rough inning and a third from Mario Hollands, the Phillies’ bullpen performed admirably on short notice. Hollands allowed three runs on four hits. Aside from that, the bullpen allowed one run on three hits in five innings of work.

Amaro’s inability to move anyone today set the team back even further. Basically everyone in the starting lineup will be back next season, and will be another year older.

The exception to that is Revere, who is signed through this season only. His lack of power, arm strength, and on-base percentage makes him essentially useless. Bottom line, if you have no power, you had better hit and get on base. If a ball is hit to center-field with a man on second, forget about it, he’s coming home.

Ryan Howard is really not movable, and his hefty contract will continue to block the development of Darin Ruf. Ruf should see time in the outfield next season, but his natural position is first base. Having to move him around can be difficult on his psyche and take it’s toll on his offense.

It was reported by multiple sources today that Amaro’s asking prices, even for Byrd was way too high. It’s almost like he’s trying to make up for the Lee to Seattle trade in 2009. Let’s require a king’s ransom, even for guys who don’t really command it.

Cole Hamels? You better get the house for him. Marlon Byrd? Just find a way to move him.


Get ready for more mediocrity and frustration in 2015.

But hey, at least they won tonight. Right Ruben?

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