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Top Rookies in the NFL this Season

Rookies can make or break an NFL team. Despite the fact that these players are just starting out, some of them have a huge impact as to whether or not a team wins or loses and has a successful season. Don’t let where a player ends up in the draft pick fool you either. Some rookies prove to be a great asset to a team no matter where they end up in the draft. Even though we are only part way through the NFL season this year, some rookies are already starting to shine through and have potential to make it big.

The following list highlights the top 5 NFL rookies so far this season.

1. Robert Griffin

Griffin is the rookie player to watch this season. He’s been pretty successful thus far and he is exciting for fans to watch. He’s made some mistakes and is still learning how to safely slide, but with time he will prove to be a sought after player in the NFL.

2. Melvin Ingram

Ingrim has proven to be an asset to the Chargers. Not only does he have a strong work ethic, but an unmatched athleticism as well. He has been able to hold his own as a linebacker on the Charger’s defensive team. He has made a few costly mistakes such as being flagged for late hit penalties. However, over time Ingrim will learn the ropes of the NFL and lead the chargers to more wins by the end of the season.

3. Andrew Luck

Luck still has to improve, but he has definitely exceeded the expectations of some. He helped the Colts come back from behind and beat the Packers which isn’t an easy feet. Luck has also had several 300 yard games. If he keeps growing as an NFL player he will be unstoppable in the 2013 season. Luck is surely a player that other teams need to keep an eye on.

4. Ryan Tannehill

Tannehill has helped the Dolphins quite a bit this season. Before Tannehill came aboard the Dolphins had struggled in recently years. Tannehill had the most passing yards in a single game by a rookie this season when the Dolphins faced off against the Cardinals. The Dolphins needed Tannehill this season because they have not had a strong quarterback for years. Although Tannehill still has a bit of growing to do as an NFL player, he has already helped the Dolphins win some games this year despite being a rookie. Tannehill may prove to be the most valuable players on the Dolphin’s team in 2012.

5. Russell Wilson

Wilson has already proved himself to be an asset to the Seahawks. He is an exciting quarterback to watch and he recently helped the Seahawks defeat the Patriots. Wilson is a lovable guy on and off the field which makes him a fan favorite. Even though he wasn’t picked very high in the draft, he has become a player that the Seahawks are lucky to have. He still has some refining to do in the NFL, but he is a great athlete and a valuable rookie.

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