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STFU: Mr. Met named top sports mascot by fans

No matter where the New York Mets finish in the NL East standings, their mascot will be No. 1 this season. (What kinda BS is this?)

What fans like the Mets enough to vote their Mascot on top? This is some pitty votes!

Mr. Met, an iconic fellow with a giant baseball for a head who debuted 50 years ago, has been named America’s top sports mascot by a marketing firm that surveyed fans (how dumb). A story in Forbes magazine dishes on how the Marketing Arm’s Davie-Brown Index determined that Mr. Met edged the Phillie Phanatic for the top spot, like he did in 2009.

The top 10 list includes:

Mr. Met — New York Mets
Phillie Phanatic — Philadelphia Phillies
Benny the Bull — Chicago Bulls
San Diego Chicken — Formerly of the San Diego Padres
Wally the Green Monster — Boston Red Sox
Racing Sausages — Milwaukee Brewers
The Gorilla — Phoenix Suns
Billy the Marlin — Florida Marlins
Coyote — San Antonio Spurs
10 (tie). Racing Presidents — Washington Nationals
10 (tie). Rocky — Denver Nuggets