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Top 5 Super Bowl Commercials in History

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Truly, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. What if the game is changed? So that the beautiful object constantly evolve itself to win our hearts and get us to take action? Then, beauty will not just lie in our eyes; it will be in our hearts before we know it. That is what multinational companies have been competing for using fantastic and sensational commercials. Commercials are being used by companies on a daily basis to promote their brands and businesses by premiering them at big events such as the annual Super Bowl. Many of these commercials have won our hearts, and some were simply eyesores over the years while others are poised to remain in our hearts forever. Below we bring you a brief recap of our Top 5 Super Bowl commercials in History. Enjoy and don’t forget to watch this years big game with Verizon!



The Budweiser Bud Frogs commercial may not be your typical everyday commercial with its simple script and imagery. But we find its gimmick impressive as we still remember the name of the product which was the ultimate goal of the video and a good advertising strategy.



Like Joe, we could all get mean at times. In times like this, we all need a shoulder to lean on. An adamant young fan was there for Joe to give him a boost with a bottle of Coca-Cola soft drink after he broke his leg in a game. To show his appreciation for this gesture, Joe gave him a souvenir in return. Although the commercial is classic, the idea of sharing a Coca-Cola to show love and support is ingenious. This leaves the commercial as one of our favorites even after 35 years.


3. APPLE: 1984 (1984)

Quite not what to expect in an era when everyone was befuddled at the idea of a “big brother”. Right? Apple went on create a commercial to promote their Macintosh computer with a punch line that the year 1984 will not really look like “1984”. The commercial was considered unique to people in advertising circles and has been termed as the holy writ. The commercial was reminiscent of a scrapped scene from an ingenious Terry Gillian film epoch. Apple: 1984 remain one of the best commercials to date.



This is very much recent, and I bet it is still fresh in our hearts. I must admit, my friends, as well as me, were surprised to see something like this shown on TV; it certainly brought a new twist and flavor to commercials on the game screen. Interestingly, the video employed a brute plot to pass its message as we had to get ready for a possible Terry Tate in the room.

It was the first Super Bowl commercial that virtually everyone watched on the internet which later led to a plethora of imitations.



The makers of this 1993 McDonald commercial had a good knack and figured out what everyone wants to hear to spur them to action towards achieving their dreams and aspirations: what you want is what you get. It doesn’t even matter that the gain is a McDonald Big Mac between Larry Bird and Michael Jordan, the point remains the same that what you want is what you get.

This basketball commercial stole the show at a football game and remains dear to our hearts at the top spot.



Wendy’s: Wheres the Beef! (1984)
Go Daddy Bar Refaeli Kiss (2013)