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Top 10 College Football Rankings

Another week of college football in the books, another week of great football games.  There was another upset not in my poll, but in the AP and ESPN polls with Oklahoma losing to Kansas State.  I only reference this because I have thought Oklahoma this week and Arkansas the week before were frauds from the start, but what do I know.  Either way it was an incredible weekend with great SEC teams battling, an incredible ACC match up, and a couple special performances by some Heisman hopefuls.

Top 10 College Football Rankings:

1. Alabama – The Tide continue to roll, but I will say this, they disappointed me allowing Florida Atlantic to score a late touchdown.  I was 2 minute and 49 seconds away from calling a third consecutive shutout, but it was not to be.  Either way ‘Bama has allowed only one touchdown in its last three games, going 12 straight quarters without allowing an offense to score.  This week ‘Bama hosts Ole Miss, who is 3-1, but it doesn’t really matter, the Tide win.

2. LSU – LSU found themselves in a battle against the Tigers of Auburn last week.  While these two SEC teams generally play each other tough, LSU was able to stand tough defensivley and eak out a win.  A late third quarter field would be all the scoring in the second half and would end up being the game winning field goal that propelled LSU and kept them the number 2 team in the country.  While LSU doesn’t technically have a bye this week, they welcome in Townson University.

3. Florida State – The Seminoles played a hell of a game against a very tough Clemson team.  The ‘Noles came out of the half a different team, scoring 35 points and allowing only 16.  The defense had a tough battle against a stellar Clemson offense, but FSU was able to advantage of a weaker Clemson defense and came out with a solid ACC win.  FSU takes on South Florida this week in what should be another big win for the ‘Noles.

4. Oregon – Eugene is a tough place to play, if Arizona wasn’t aware, they found out this past week.  While going into half, I’ll be honest I thought maybe the Wildcats had a chance and Oregon wasn’t the powerhouse everyone thought. Ha……..not, they blew the doors off Arizona in the second half scoring 36 of their 49 points and shutting out the Wildcats.  Despite all this scoring,superstar athlete and Heisman hopeful De’Anthony Thomas was limited to only 97 total yards. Oh and let’s not forget that Duck’s defense pitching a shutout.   The Ducks take on Washington State, and should again roll.

5. Georgia – The Bulldogs smashed Vandy, which come on makes sense.  They allowed only a field goal, but all that doesn’t matter.  This week the Bulldogs host Tennessee in what should be a solid SEC battle.  Tennesee needs to stay focused because this is the start of a tough stretch playing four straight SEC ranked opponents.  While Georgia could also be sitting in a trap game as they take on the GameCocks in South Carolina next week. Wait I am getting ahead of myself, Georgia has looked good to start the season but I sense an upset on the rise. Georgia should win this game, but don’t be surprised if the Volunteers steal a win in Georgia.

6. South Carolina – The Gamecocks cruised against Mizzu.  Their defense again looked impressive but it was their offense that I thought really stood out.  Connor Shaw looked out of his mind completing 20 of 21 passes for 249 yards and 2 touchdowns.  It was an overall impressive showing by the Old Ball Coaches’ team. USC takes on Kentucky this week and will cruise as they tune-up for Georgia the following week.

7. West Virginia -The Mountaineers looked good against what I thought would be a pretty close game.  I thought the Terps would keep it somewhat close and they did, kind of anyway.  Geno Smith once again looked nasty, and while I don’t want to jinx him, he still has not thrown an interception.  He is looking solid in the start to his Heisman campaign.  WVU has a good match up this week against a ranked Baylor team, in what should be a shutout.

8. Notre Dame – This gets harder and harder to do but man the Irish keep winning.  The Irish defense is playing incredible forcing 5 interceptions last week and shutting down Denard Robinson.  While the offense has yet to put it together, at this point it doesn’t matter the defense is that good.  The Golden Domers have a well deserved bye this week and may have one of the hardest non-SEC schedules this season.  Enjoy the bye, I’ll leave all the Irish fans with this “Cheer, Cheer for Old NOTRE DAME”(haha I really do despise them).

9. Stanford – The smart kids of Stanford move up in the rankings while even on the bye.  Coming off an impressive win over USC, Stanford takes on Washington Thursday night.  The Huskies don’t really have a chance, I don’t think Stanford will have any sort of let down especially having the bye week.  I take the “Smart Kids” in a landslide.

10. Florida – The Gators have played their way into my top 10.  While they beat up on Kentucky last week, they have a bye this week before a showdown in Gainsville with the LSU Tigers.  Florida has looked pretty balanced on offense and there defense has looked very solid.  Both will be tested against LSU, so while the Gators should be in the top 10 for 2 weeks, they may quickly exit after week 6.  But for now they have deserved this spot, so enjoy it boys.

So I once again kept out any Big 12 and Big 10 (that has more than 10 which makes no sense but that’s a whole other rant) because I still feel they are inferior teams.  Kansas State looked good against the Sooners but I didn’t think Oklahoma was anything special.  Couple big things to watch this weekend WVU vs Baylor, should be a bunch of fireworks, Tennesse vs Gerogia, you get 2 good SEC teams battling and finally I guess Ohio State vs Michigan State, I am hoping Urban can bring some his SEC swagger to a boring conference.  Well there it another week another top 10, feel free to agree, disagree or just let me know what you think about the games this weekend. That’s my top 10 ’til next week.

-Brett D