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Tips For Football Fantasy Playoff Success

If you’ve found yourself in the thick of your fantasy football playoffs, then you’ll need sound strategy and a bit of luck to take home the championship. Rule number one of the fantasy football playoffs is to forget almost everything that got you there in the first place. I know that sounds a bit extreme, but it’s true. The regular season and the playoffs are completely different animals from each other. You have to completely redefine your strategy to be successful in fantasy football playoffs. The season is about survival, and playoffs are all about the gold. Those hours you spent grazing the waiver wire during the regular season will come in handy now.

Do you member that player you wished you had picked up a few weeks ago, but you didn’t? Go pick him up now, unless he’s already been claimed by another player. You have to make some hard decisions with your team once you’ve made it to the playoffs. In order to give your team’s best effort in its playoff matchups, you have to choose the best players you can play or the best who are available, so forgot about holding on to someone because you like to wear his jersey. Waiver wire decisions affect the outcome of your team more than any other avenue, especially since the trade deadline is over. Research the latest injury reports to see who might be getting a spot start in the coming weeks and pick those players up.

Even if you don’t use the players you pick up, you till prevent your opponents from picking them up, too. Part of your strategy must be to not only make your own team better, but to prevent the other players from making their teams better as much as you can. If the other players are left searching through the scraps for players to use, then you’ll be at a greater advantage when you square off against them in the playoffs. Fantasy football is a lot like chess. You have to set up your future moves with the moves you make now. Make sure to check your daily fantasy sports ticker to stay updated on all the latest NFL news. You never know when a player might get hurt in practice opening up the opportunity for an unknown player to take the stage. You’ll have to make adjustments quickly to keep your team in the best shape possible to compete for the championship. You may also get a surprise if one of your injured players suddenly appears off the injured list for the next week’s game. You can easily benefit when your team welcomes back an injured player that could be a big contributor to your success in the fantasy football playoffs.

Research the matchups thoroughly in order to help yourself set the best team possible. If you have two equally skilled quarterbacks, play the one that matches up against the weaker defense. If you’re trying to decide between kickers, find out what the stadiums are like where each will be playing next week. Some stadiums are very difficult for kicking field goals in due to wind and field conditions. A defensive unit that suddenly loses its best player could struggle to stop other teams from scoring, so keep that in mind when you set your defense for each week. The road to the fantasy championship starts here. How far will you go?

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Mike Jones has a passion for sports, and a deeper passion for winning! Whether he’s on the field or picking the latest sleeper fantasy player, he plays to win, and his insight can help you win to. No matter what the season may be there are daily fantasy sports to discuss, and Mike is there with you, giving you tips and advice.