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Brian Dawkins: Tim Tebow “laid hands and prayed on me”

Denver Broncos safety Brian Dawkins told Alex Marvez of FOX Sports that he’s still contemplating whether or not he’ll come back for another season, after battling a neck injury in 2011.

One of the things Dawkins talked about was his relationship with former Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow, who’s now with the Jets.  They shared a spiritual bond that included bible studies and prayer with one another.

Dawkins had a hard time recovering from a neck injury late in the season and Tebow would pray over him with his hands on Dawkins’ neck, in order to try to help him.

“In our Bible study sessions when my neck was pretty bad and I’m hurting, he along with our chaplain and (Broncos director of player development) Jerry Butler laid hands and prayed on me pretty good,” Dawkins said. “They brought snot and tears to my eyes and all that type of good stuff with prayer.

“He really is a guy who walks what he says he walks.”

Dawkins will clearly miss Tebow in Denver he chooses to come back for another season.