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SportzHype a Pinterest for Sports Fans


SportzHype – Your New Online Sports Addiction

Why should the big sports news sites have all the fun? Introducing SportzHype, a site where you can network, share, and talk about the sports stories that matter to you while tapping into the power of social networks. Here’s why we’re confident SportzHype will be your next online addiction:

All your favorite sports-related stuff from the Web – in one place. The Web is filled with hundreds of sports sites, from ESPN to regional newspapers to team message boards. Who has the time check them all, everyday? With SportzHype, you can consolidate the best stories onto one interface. You can also network with other users, share photos and videos, and chat with fellow fans. It’s easy, it’s addictive, and free. (Think Pinterest, but for sports.)

Sharing is caring. And with SportzHype it’s really easy. Submitting content to SportzHype is a breeze – just install the SportzHype HypeIt button and instantly grab an image, post an article, or share a video. Or you can submit content directly through the SportzHype interface. And sharing to other social networks is even easier. SportzHype is a sports-related social network, and we make it easy for you to share your news on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Doing so will not only help you find more like-minded fans from around the Web, but attract more visitors to your SportzHype page. Learn more About Us, SportzHype!

Get compelling content for the teams you like in one place. Tired of going to other sports sites only to spend time trying to find news on your favorite team or athlete? Not anymore. With SportzHype you can create custom “Lists” to track content of your choosing. For example, you can create a list called the “Lakers.” So if you like a piece of Lakers-related content – say, an article on Steve Nash – simply add it to your “Lakers” list. Easy. Similarly, if there are users out there who consistently post great content on the Lakers (or any other team or athlete) you can “Follow” them and receive content from them on an ongoing basis. (Who knows, maybe you’ll discover the next Tony Kornheiser, Michael Wilbon, or Jim Rome.)

Reward good content – and punish spam! Tired of spammers and trolls blowing up message boards? Tired on non-fans dragging down the quality of the conversation? Fed up with having to sift through all the junk? Well, with SportzHype, quality content is rewarded by the community. It’s simple: each user accumulates points as they submit or create content. The more activity, including likes and comments received, the more points are awarded. And the Top Hype section contains, the top hype! Think of all the time you’ll save.

Become the Next Tony Kornheiser, Michael Wilbon, or Jim Rome (your pick.) Sure, it’s cathartic to express your opinions on a sports message board or on the comments section of a Web page, but wouldn’t it better to have a single place for all your opinions? Wouldn’t it be great to engage other sports fans and over time, create a following so people come to your page to find out what you have to say about a team or athlete? Well, wait no longer. Better yet, SportzHype makes it easy to engage with your readers: you can “Watch Post,” so if anyone comments on something you’re having a discussion on, you’ll be notified. So to all novice sports commentators out there: SportzHype is the perfect platform to express your views to the world and build a following.