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Soaring High: Philadelphia Eagles Keys to 2013 Season Success

The Philadelphia Eagles may have disappointed its fans and supporters in the 2012 season, it is fair to say. The team suffered their worst season since 1998, and recorded a win/loss record of 4-12. That fairly unimpressive season saw the sacking of long-time coach Andy Reid, in charge for 14 seasons, in December 2012, as the franchise looked to rebuild for 2013.

As Reid’s replacement, the Eagles appointed former University of Oregon coach Charles ‘Chip’ Kelly, a man known for the speed of his offensive tactics. Certainly, the early signs in preseason and the first games of the 2103 campaign showed that Kelly’s philosophies were beginning to take hold. Using quarterback Michael Vick, the Eagles were impressive in beating the Washington Redskins, with the time Vick was able to spend in the pocket particularly impressive.

Football betting fans would also have been impressed with DeSean Jackson, whose ability to stay patient and find space down field gave Vick several more options than he might have had last season. The intense pace that the offense was able to function at also helped to wear down the Redskins’ defense, allowing the Eagles to claim a 33-27 win at Washington. Anyone looking for football betting picks and tips would have fancied them to win at home to the San Diego Chargers the following week.

That was not to be, sadly for fans of football betting lines who might have backed them. The Eagles went down 33-30 to the Chargers, with a fourth quarter field goal clinching victory for their visitors. Vick played reasonably well at quarterback, throwing for a career-best 428 yards. He also passed for two touchdowns and created one more. He was unhappy with the way in which the Eagles allowed the Chargers to stay in the game, and then win it, though.

“They put themselves in a position to make plays. We still were able to execute at a high level, and Coach (Chip) Kelly did a great job of making adjustments throughout the course of the game with the play calling,” Vick told reporters after the game.

“It’s tough, maybe we need to score 37 points. I think that’s what needed to happen in order to win this football game.”

Keen eyed fans of football betting odds will have noticed the amount of time that the team managed to stay in possession was a meager 19 minutes 43 seconds. The Chargers had the ball for almost double that amount of time, keeping their hands on the football for 40 minutes and 17 seconds.

Football fans looking for football odds at should make sure that they keep an eye on how the Eagles’ offensive patterns develop. But anyone who enjoys free football betting picks will also know that it is defense which is key to winning games and enjoying a successful season. This is an area where it looks as though the Eagles might well struggle this season.

The Eagles had looked quite good defensively in their opener against Washington, and football fans would have taken notice of the way in which they managed to confine Robert Griffin III in that game. Of course, Griffin is returning from injury, but it was still an impressive feat. If the game against San Diego is anything to go by, though, it was a flash in the pan. Since halftime in that opening game, the Eagles’ defense has been weak.

In those six quarters of play they have surrendered 53 first downs, with their improving offense only on the field 36 percent of the time. When a team’s strength is in its offense, that is not an encouraging statistic. If you have a powerful offense, it is them you want out on the field, not a stuttering defense.

So, in conclusion for those looking for online football betting tips, the Eagles are a team which can win games this season, though it won’t be easy. While the offense looks like it is improving and can function effectively, the defense still has a lot of room for improvement.