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Sixers New Mascot: Now Hiring!

The Sixers are searching for a new mascot, to represent the team, and you could be the man/woman in the get up! There has not been a Sixers Mascot since 2011, when Hip-Hop, was retired following the season. Former CEO, Adam Aron, did hold a fan vote for a new mascot before the shortened 2012 season, but no mascot was ever chosen. This is mainly due to the poor choices (a Moose….Really?)

Yesterday we found a new posting on which shows the Sixers are seeking a highly motivated, energetic and talented individual to become the new mascot for the team. There is no word on what thing or animal will actually represent the mascot, however we do not expect a Moose. Maybe they will bring back Hip-Hop in the re-building process, even though I am pretty sure Adam Aron killed him and buried him in the space jam hole. Either way it will be exciting to see what the team has in-store.

You can apply here for the Sixers New Mascot.