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Sam Hinkie’s Secret: Sixers Sign Lebron, Melo and Love.

During last weeks draft many Philadelphia Sixers fans went into outrage. With the number 3 and 10 picks, we drafted two players who will not see the court for at least a year. Joel Embiid who suffered a stress fracture to the foot will be out for the 2014-2015 season; while Dario Šarić decided to recently extended his contract in Croatia for another two seasons. General Manager Sam Hinkie has been keeping everything a secret since arriving in Philadelphia. In his recent press conference he stated his secretive ways as he doe not want information leaked so he could achieve his goals. Although Tank 2.0 was brought into question, he never fully admitted that this was the case. Hinkie stated that the fans need to be patient…that statement makes me wonder how long is patient?

Although many would call me crazy, it seems like Hinkie is keeping everyone in the dark on what he and the ownership have in store. The Sixers have $33,714,992 in cap space this season. Is it possible that they make a shocking free agency splash? With a Big Media Market, a new practice facility (2015), Rookie of the year in Carter-Williams, and a player like Joel Embiid that will give a “Twin Tower” effect with Noel, wouldn’t that draw some attraction? Could you imagine bringing Carmelo Anthony, Lebron James, and Kevin Love to team up with MCW, Noel and Embiid? Who would stack up to this?

Making the trade for love would be easy since we know Minnesota loves foreign players. They could easily dump Saric and a future first rounder for him. I think Love would easily do a sign-and-trade knowing he has an opportunity to re-build a franchise with two of the NBA’s best players. They could also sign Lebron to a Max deal while giving Carmelo a hefty contract as well. On top of all of that the Sixers would be unstoppable after the first season. Although they lack some bench depth; players like Tony Wroten, KJ McDaniels, Pierre Jackson and Jerami Grant can all be great young players.

This article maybe crazy and you may say “impossible”, but what I say is “IN HINKIE WE TRUST”!