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Sixers fans see stars at the museum: Andrew Bynum and Jason Richardson

Philadelphia, PA – The Philadelphia 76ers made sure that its newest players Andrew Bynum and Jason Richardson were introduced in historical fashion. The pair  entered the National Constitution Center 400 plus screaming fans. The crowd chanted Andrew Bynum’s the name for a several minutes, followed up by cheers for fellow teammate Jason Richardson. Just before the Sixers could open up the press conference the ever popular chant, ” Beat L.A.” fulled the room.

After the formal introductions the press conference opened up the media. As predicted Andrew Bynum in 7 foot frame were the center of attention but Jason Richardson sitting next to him seemed to be enjoying the party as much as the fans. Bynum a Plainsboro, New Jersey native addressed his return to the East, “I just thought I was coming home, man. I was super excited. I thought it was time for a change, to be honest. I’m here now, and I’m loving the city. I’ve been here for two days, and everybody’s been great to me. I had an opportunity to go to some nice restaurants and things like that, so I’m really enjoying it.” The Sixers newest big man also spoke about his future, “I’m really leaning towards making this (Philly) my home.” This give the already pumped up crowd more to cheer about.

Andrew Byum did have knee problems last season and he offered an update by confirming that he will travel to Germany early next month to have the a procedure to help prevent inflation in his knee and maintain cartilage in his knee. His now former teammate Kobe Bryant had this type of therapy at the Center for Orthopaedics and Molecular Medicine in Dusseldorf. The recovery time for his should not pervert Byun from missing anytime in the regular season. More to come about this knee producer as I will interview a specialist.

Being this was just a unique way to introduce new players to a professional team I spoke with Michael Simzak of the the National Constitution Center and he said, “The event surpassed our expectations. It was a pleasure to have the organization (Sixers) and their fans at the museum to celebrate this occasion.”


Charlie Flowe
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