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Sixers Draft: The Crazy Trade Prediction

With the 2014 NBA Draft only a few days a way, lets look at a trade prediction that would make sense on numerous levels. The first move would be for Hinki to trade up in the number one spot, grabbing a prospect the city and organization has been drooling over for the past 12 months. Who is worth that trade up? How about MCW?

Michael Carter-Williams Traded to the Cavaliers
The Sixers would trade the Rookie of the Year along with a second rounder (and possibly Thadeus Young) to a team who would gladly accept two “proven” players. The Sixers would now have the 1st Pick, 3rd Pick, and 10th Pick, with a chance to increase in the NBA Futures Odds.

Sixers Select Dante Exum
With the trade of MCW, the Sixers need someone who can seriously dish the ball and a trusted PG. We all know how much Brett Brown loves this Australian prospect, so it makes sense to take Dante Exum at this point.

Sixers Trade-up with the LA Lakers and select Marcus Smart
The Sixers have the most pieces to make moves in this years draft, and although it is deep, first round players are most valuable. The Sixers will trade up their #10 pick for the #7 of the LA Lakers. If for some odd reason the foot injury of Joel Embiid causes his stock to drop to this position, he be the sure choice…However if not, the Sixers will select a tough guard in Marcus Smart, moving Exum to the SG position.

Sixers Trade 2015 first rounder for Orlando #12
The final big move in the draft will be when the sixers trade-up to grab the 6’8 SF, Douggie Fresh! As crazy as this sounds, the Sixers need offense and this kid is proven. Giving up next years 2015 (protected) pick, is well worth the gamble. The chances a 2015 non-top 5 player is better then this kid are slim. So it makes perfect sense.

We read all these crazy NBA rumors and have know idea what will happen. All we can say is in Hinkie We Trust.