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Shawn Andrews “Disgusted” how Donovan McNabb Treated Him

(Philadelphia PA) The big story that is getting a lot of attention is the bullying situation with the Miami Dolphins involving teammates Jonathan Martin & Richie Incognito, apparently it may have also taken place with the Eagles. Former Eagles Guard Shawn Andrews was a guest on Mike Missanelli Show on 97.5 The Fanatic on Friday November 8 saying he knows what Jonathan Martin was going through

Question: Your thoughts on the situation involving Jonathan Martin & Richie Incognito?
Shawn Andrews: “I think it is horrible, I think it deserves no place in football”

Question: Have you faced bullying in the locker room like what Jonathan Martin went through?
Shawn Andrews: “I did. I did. I faced a lot of that”

Latter on in the interview, Andrews would also dress about the Tearjerker about his broken ankle “I had 2 broken Screws in my ankle”

How did you handle the abuse in the locker room?
Andrews: I came to Philly with a open mind, Some guys were not receiving, When the cameras rolling it’s like we’re a team, we’re a team, When they’re off it’s like “Screw you, screw you, The only guy I could flat out trust on that team was Brian Dawkins.”

then Shawn Andrews would say this to get everyone thinking about who he was referring to “Would you want to go to work at a place where you put your heart out every single day and the guy your protecting is saying things behind your back that is not true” and it turned out to be Donovan McNabb

Andrews: “I wasn’t happy there. I loved Coach Reid. He knows the truth of what went on with me and what was going on in that locker room”

Did you talk to your coaches about it?
Andrews “I went to coach Reid and Asked for a TRADE,  I wasn’t happy. It wasn’t the organization itself, it was the people I worked with. It was a living hell.”

Did you go to Dawkins about what was going on?  Andrews: “YES”

so was McNabb the Richie Incognito to you?
Andrews: “I won’t consider McNabb a bully. If you put your heart and everything that comes with you on the line for another person and they’re saying very, very, very untrue things about you to other guys how would that make you feel?”

Did you confront McNabb about this?
Andrews: “He did what most people would do: he denied it.”

What would you say to McNabb if you were to see him today?
Andrews: “I am going to say everything, I am disgusted, I know what Jonathan Martin is going through”

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