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Shammell’s Tuesday Tirade: The Unfortunate Philly Faithful

The woes of the Philly Sports Faithful continue…

As if the Phillies flop this year wasn’t bad enough, it seems as if salt is thrown into the wound every Sunday when the Eagles come on. The debacle that is the men in green is beginning to get unbearable to watch. As if that’s not any better, the Sixers dropped a game last night to the less than talented Milwaukee Bucks (I know it’s still WAY early in the season, I just need to bring it up). When at normal times we’d turn to the Flyers to pick us up, it’s now becoming more and more apparent that there will more than likely be no NHL this year. After all, last week brought upon the cancellation of the Winter Classic, easily the NHL’s biggest money making event. It seems as if the labor agreement is up the creek without a paddle, and we may very well not see it this year.

Before I decide to get a prescription for Zoloft, allow me to start this week’s Tuesday Tirade.


WORST Fantasy Performance of the weekEli Manning, Quarterback, New York Giants

Is that a smile I see from you Eagles fans out there? Despite the lack of success with the Eagles in Philadelphia, it’s always good to see a conference foe get beat. Eli was borderline pathetic this week. As a guy who traditionally puts up decent numbers on the fantasy board, many Eli owners may have seen a close game slip from their grasps this week. Manning was 29 for 46 in the air for 215 yards. Not too shabby. But throw in 2 picks and no touchdowns, and you have yourself a less-than-memorable day on the gridiron. Not to mention the fact that he fumbled as well. It’s safe to say it was a pretty bad week to be an “Eli Owner,” considering even the injured Mike Vick had a better fantasy day than he did. Before Vick was seeing birds and stars, he at least threw for a touchdown. It seemed as if Eli and the Giants just couldn’t get things clicking, as they eventually fell 31-13…to the Cincinnati Bengals.

BEST Fantasy Performance of the weekDenver Broncos Defense / Special Teams

The Denver D played nearly flawless this week against Cam Newton and the Panthers. Initially, looking at the score sheet and seeing a 36-14 final, you may get the vibe that they played an average game. Looking into it however, it becomes more and more apparent that the defense controlled the game from the get go. Denver penetrated the Carolina offensive line for a cool seven sacks, and let us not forget the sack that brought down Newton in the end zone for a safety. The secondary was stellar as well. The Denver defensive backs pulled in two interceptions, one of which was Tony Carter’s 40 yard pick 6. Despite throwing for 241 yards and two TD’s, it seemed as if Denver made a lasting impression on the former Heisman Trophy winner. To cap off the fabulous fantasy day for the Broncos, return man Trindon Holliday took a Carolina punt 76 yards to the house in the second quarter. Safe to say the boys of mile high played to a caliber that probably won’t be topped this season, but fantasy owners should expect the same consistency they have seen to continue.


COOLEST Video of the weekRed Bull Rube Goldberg

For those of you who don’t know what a Rube Goldberg is, type it into YouTube. Also known as kluge, it’s basically a cool man made series of chain reactions that continue on a long line to eventually perform a mundane task like blowing out a candle or toasting bread. As a brief example, a ball rolls down a ramp, hits a switch that lights a candle that burns a string that releases a dart that pops a balloon that drops a rock that starts knocking over 3,000 dominoes… etc., etc. Anyway, Red Bull has again made themselves more relevant than Monster by another crazy online video. It’s a Rube Goldberg involving real life action sports and Olympic athletes. That’s right; they are actually part of the chain reaction. Not to ruin the video so you can watch it yourself, it includes the likes of LoLo Jones, and Rickie Fowler (just to name two). It’s totally not relevant to the sporting world in any other way than just featuring athletes doing little things to keep the reaction going, but it is cool as hell, nonetheless. Enjoy! (Editor Note: Yes Union fans, we still all hate Red Bull, but this is pretty cool).


BIGGEST FAIL of the weekKing Dunlap, Offensive Tackle, Philadelphia Eagles

King Dunlap, known best for his protecting (or lack of protecting) of whoever is under center for the Eagles, finally outed himself for what he is, a HUGE liability when it comes to crucial penalties. Eagles’ fans have seen it all year long, but it hasn’t been as big of an issue as it was this past Sunday. As a refresher, it WOULD have been first and goal and the Eagles would have had the ball on the two yard line. However, the previous 12 yard gain was negated due to what I like to call “The King Special,” which is the offensive tackle getting called for illegal use of hands to the face. For the record, Dunlap was already whistled for the penalty earlier in the game as well, in addition to a lazy hold after he got beat by an opposing d-lineman that knocked off a big LeSean McCoy gain. As if that wasn’t enough, the Eagles now faced a 4th down in field goal range, and rather than staying on the field and blocking for Alex Henery, Dunlap moseyed his way over to the bench. This caused the Eagles to burn a time out because the King was sulking. I’m not sure what goes on inside his head, but his laziness is now the focal point of the horrific group of men that assemble the Eagles week after week.


BEST Game(s) of the weekCollege Basketball

Tis’ the season of upsets, emotion, the underdog, packed gyms, rowdy students, and “diaper dandies.” College basketball is back, and ESPN makes sure they do it right. Today, ESPN featured 12 back-to-back games all day long that will be culminated by a double header in the Georgia dome this evening. Michigan State will take on Kansas, closely followed by the battle between two basketball powers, Duke and the defending national champion Kentucky Wildcats. This is a pretty cool concept that ESPN recently came up with, and the coolest part is that schools that would NEVER have a game on ESPN normally get the opportunity to play on the national stage if they are brazen enough to take a game at 6 in the morning. Rider University, located just north of Trenton, NJ took on Stony Brook University at dawn here on the east coast, just as a game between Houston Baptist and Hawai’i was wrapping up in the Aloha State. The only thing in my eyes cooler than this is the fact that Michigan State took on UConn in a hangar at Ramstein Air Base in Germany this Saturday. In a game titled the Armed Forces Classic, the two teams duked it out, with both schools wearing different color camouflage. The game saw an unranked UConn upend #14 Michigan State 66-62.This week would have been even more epic, but the two games scheduled to be played aboard aircraft carriers had to be cancelled, due to moisture on the court.


SHOCKING Move of the week Lakers Hire Mike D’Antoni, NOT Phil Jackson

Surprisingly enough, the blood that flows through the heart that is the NBA, The Los Angeles Lakers, got off to a pretty rough start this season. After going 1-4 their first five games, the Gold and Purple made the move to fire head coach Mike Brown after just one full season. The replacement in the eyes of everyone seemed obvious, 11 time NBA Champion Phil Jackson. I think everyone in the country felt this way, including Jackson. Apparently, someone forgot to inform the Lakers of this, as they made the move to hire D’Antoni late Sunday night. From the sounds of it, it seemed as if Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak was interested in Jackson initially, but made the move to hire D’Antoni instead. Jackson, in a public statement Monday, made mention that the Lakers had breached an unwritten agreement. “We concluded with a handshake and an understanding that I would have until Monday to come back to them with my decision,” he said. The news was so surprising, in fact, that Jackson’s agent was preparing to board a red eye flight to get to Los Angeles to continue the negotiations. Kupchak feels he did not do anything wrong, as he claimed he told the Hall of Fame coach that he “has a job to do and I’m going to continue to search and interview candidates.” Evidently Kupchak brushed off Jackson’s comments in the meetings, and moved forward accordingly. He even iced the cake with a 12 a.m. phone call that awoke Jackson to tell him he didn’t get hired. I’m sorry, but when a guy who has to wear an NBA Championship ring on one of his toes because he ran out of fingers applies for the head coaching job of my team, I don’t care if he wants a personal jet to fly him to every game, he can have whatever he wants.

Once again, that’ll do it for today! Check back next week for another Tirade!



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