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Shammell’s Tuesday Tirade: Oh, Sandy!

Welcome back for another edition of Shammell’s Tuesday Tirade! I have literally been trying to keep up with what’s going on in the world the past few days, but with power and internet cutting in and out, it has not been without stress. Hurricane Sandy rocked the east coast for the past two days, leaving millions of dollars of damage in her rear view. I consider myself lucky that all I really suffered with was missing the Monday Night Football game, and I am very thankful that I was able to ride out the storm safely.

Let’s get into it!

WINNERS of the weekSan Francisco Giants

As if there was any doubt! I wouldn’t consider myself much of a sports writer if I didn’t give top accolades this week to baseball’s champion, the San Francisco Giants. The Giants absolutely dominated the Detroit Tigers in every aspect of the game and they were rewarded with hoisting the hardware this past Saturday evening. The winner of the MVP award for the Fall Classic was a clear choice, none other than the Kung Fu Panda himself, Pablo Sandoval. Sandoval hit an even .500 in the four game sweep of the Tigers, with three long balls. Oh yeah, did I mention all of the home runs came in consecutive at bats in the first game?! Talk about setting a tone. I think from the point of his third dinger, America as a whole knew that Detroit didn’t stand much of a chance. Also, a special shout out to Angel Pagan. His steal in game two insured everyone in America (in the vicinity of a participating Taco Bell) a free Doritos Locos Taco today from 2-6 pm. Can I just say that this was an UNREAL marketing ploy by the guys who think outside the bun? After all, who would drive to Taco Bell for just one taco? They had to have profited very generously from this idea. But, I digress. Congratulations to the Giants! For you baseball fans out there, I hope you have a very speedy winter.


LOSERS of the week America as a whole

That’s right; the NBA is back as of tonight. Let me reiterate, this is NOT a bad thing! I love me a good basketball game every now and again. However, say goodbye to relevant coverage of any sports from our friends over at the worldwide leader. The constant coverage of Tim Tebow will now be spliced with LeBron James and the big four now down in Miami. With Miami adding the shooting of Ray Allen, they have become even more relevant in the eyes of most sports networks. Not to mention the fact that every team that gets coverage seems to have gone out and made a land mark trade. The Lakers will look to contest the Thunder for the title in the West, while the Heat and Celtics will duke it out in the East. Don’t sleep on the Sixers, however. Having an impressive preseason just ices the cake that was the acquisition of big man Andrew Bynum, arguably the second best center in the league (behind Dwight Howard, who now along with Steve Nash was picked up by the Lakers). Here’s to hoping that LeBron doesn’t steal too much of the spotlight for all of us who like getting coverage of multiple sports at one time.


BEST Fantasy PerformanceMatthew Stafford, Quarterback, Detroit Lions

Matthew Stafford put forth the production that has been expected of him all season, and that hasn’t been seen since his match up against the St. Louis Rams a few weeks ago. Stafford was 34 for 49 for 352 yards in the air. He also scrambled for a 1 yard touchdown in the Lions 28-24 win over the Seahawks on Sunday. Stafford’s performance was capped by a 1 yard pass to Titus Young with 20 seconds left on the clock to put the Lions up by 4. Being one of the up and down tales of the season under center, fantasy owners are begging and pleading for a little bit more consistency of the former Georgia Bulldog. It’s literally an internal battle nearly every week for owners on whether or not to start Stafford if they have another reliable option. Stafford should shape up in the coming weeks, so I would stay with him as the 3-4 Lions will look to bounce back and fight for a playoff spot.


WORST Fantasy PerformanceJamaal Charles, Running Back, Kansas City Chiefs

It seems as if we have a repeat loser, as Charles took home these same accolades two weeks ago from me. I, for one, cannot figure out why as a coach, you would look at Charles and say that you would want him to split carries with the biggest one hit wonder ever, Peyton Hillis. The dude got a Madden cover and all of a sudden everyone is gaga over him. I definitely don’t see what the Kansas City coaching staff does. Who knows, maybe Charles is suffering from an unpublicized injury that is not being disclosed by team officials. He does have a pretty significant history with knee issues. Or maybe he is being disciplined for another undisclosed incident off the field, or within the team. It seems as if something is up, considering you have arguably one of the best backs in the league only getting 5 carries in a game. It’s not like the Chiefs passing game is lighting the world on fire, either. The consistently banged up Matt Cassel was booed a few weeks back for his inconsistent play, and then cheered for when he was knocked out with a concussion. That being said, you can’t tell me that the people of Kansas City want to see a passing dominated offense. Bless the poor soul who has this man in your league, and here’s to hoping someone is dumb enough to take him off your hands (guys in my league, I think we all know a certain someone who may want him…).


BEST game of the weekTiger Woods vs. Rory McIlroy, Challenge Match, Zhengzhou, China

I don’t know why I found this so cool. Challenge matches have been huge in golf since the professional circuit started many, many years ago. It’s sort of a dying commodity for some reason, given the hype surrounding the four majors and the Ryder Cup. McIlroy and Woods duked it out in 18 holes in China this weekend, not leaving many disappointed. One of the coolest aspects in my eyes was that each golfer was wired for sound throughout the 18 hole match. This is the first time that either golfer has been “mic’d up.” The match finished as dramatically as they come with the World’s number one golfer, Rory McIlroy topping the World’s number two, Woods, by just one stroke. The match was funded by a Chinese real estate mogul who allegedly forked up $3 million for the match to happen ($2m to Woods, $1m to McIlroy). This came out to be a quick cash grab for professional golf, and even a breath of fresh air. Spontaneous events like this spike viewer interest, and it is safe to say we may see many more events like this in the future.


WORST game of the weekCleveland Browns 7, San Diego Chargers 6

This isn’t the result of a high scoring hockey game, or a baseball game that was won in extra innings; this was in fact the score of an American Football game on Sunday. Talk about a snoozer. Granted, the wind and rain didn’t make it any easier, but I think there’s pee wee football players that could put out more production than this. The game winning play came in the first quarter as rookie Trent Richardson took a 24 yard run to the house giving the Browns their only score of the day, which coincidentally was enough to give them their second straight win at home. The Chargers offense was plagued on the day and was ultimately held to just two field goals. Quarterback Philip Rivers can’t be to blame. The signal caller was 18 for 34 passing for 154 yards. It’s not like he had the worst day possible. The culmination of the offensive woes came with just over 8 minutes left in the third quarter as a wide open Robert Meacham dropped an inevitable touchdown pass at the 20 yard line. The ball hit Meach directly in the palms before it fell to the grass. That seems to sum up the Charger offense as of late, who dropped their third straight game.

This is usually the point where I would say something quirky or funny to wrap the piece but I’d like to end on a more serious note.

I would like to say that I think I speak for everyone here at Philly Sports Live when I say that everyone affected by Hurricane Sandy is in our thoughts and prayers. Over two million people were without power at one point, most of the shore towns are destroyed in one way or another, Manhattan was underwater, and the death count is still rising. We hope you and your loved ones had a safe few days at home, and that the damage was minimal to your homes and belongings.

Thanks for the read, and be sure to check out the Tuesday Tirade next week!

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photo credit: BBC