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Shammell’s Tuesday Tirade – Holy MLB Playoffs!

Well, we made it through another AWESOME week in sports that saw some high and low points, as to be expected. Without delaying the inevitable, let’s get to the tirade!


How exciting has this week been for the MLB?! So exciting that our folks over the world wide leader of football stopped talking about Tim Tebow to give some quality coverage of what’s been going on. With all of the series separated by no more than one game (that is, provided the result of the Oakland / Detroit game holds up) October really seems to be getting excited. I was fortunate enough to be able to venture down to Baltimore for game one of the ALDS and I have to say that it was one of the more exciting baseball environments I have ever been a part of. Remember, this coming from a guy who has been to countless Phillies post season games, including Game 5 of the World Series in ’08. Orioles fans had the place rockin’ from the get go, and up until the 9th inning implosion of Jim Johnson, the fans were loud, alert, and attentive.

With web gems, homers, and awesome ninja-like slides into home evading TWO tags in the same play, the rest of the chase for the Fall Classic should be just as exciting as the first couple of days have been.

Now, let’s get into it…

BEST News of the Week- Jerry Sandusky sentencing

For those of you who have been living under a rock the past year or so, you probably have no clue what’s going on up in Happy Valley. For literally EVERYONE else in America, the scum that is Jerry Sandusky has received a minimum 30 year, maximum 60 year sentence behind bars… or, as I like to call it for someone who is 68 years old, a life sentence. Aside from his immediate family, I may speak for everyone when I say that this is not exactly surprising, nor does it warrant any sort of emotion. This man (who I don’t even thinks deserves having his name referenced anymore) destroyed the livelihood of so many unsuspecting individuals its ridiculous. First and foremost, the lives of several young boys were disrupted and tarnished at such an early age for them. From a sports writing stance, he, and the others who covered the story up, destroyed the name and image of a quality academic institution, and an even better football program. Here’s to hoping the rest of this creep’s life is lived out miserably.

WORST News of the week- Donovan out for next two World Cup Qualifying Matches

The face of US Soccer has fallen victim to a tragic knee injury that couldn’t have come at a worse time. Landon Donovan banged his knee up in a Major League Soccer (US) match with the LA Galaxy this past weekend, and his knee will need further evaluation. With the team traveling to Antigua and Barbuda for a match this Friday, and returning home for a match in Kansas City against Guatemala on October 16, it is rather evident that the US may possibly be hurting without their programs leading scorer. US is vying for one of two remaining spots to advance to next year’s regional qualifier. Jamaica, the US, and Guatemala are all square on the board with 7 points, all with 2 games remaining. Should the US be eliminated, this will end their pursuit of a berth into the World’s largest soccer tournament, which will be held in Brazil in 2014.

BEST Fantasy Performance of the week- Andrew Luck, Quarterback, Indianapolis Colts

Peyton who? Andrew Luck “put the team on his back doe,” and led the Colts to an incredible 4th quarter victory against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday. In the contest, Luck was 31 for 55 in the air for a total of 362 yards and a pair of TD’s. Luck also tucked the ball for 6 carries, totaling 24 yards and another touchdown. Fantasy points aside, the best part of the game for the Stanford product was rallying the Colts from an 18 point half time deficit to defeat the Packers. Luck got the ball with 4:30 on the game clock in the fourth quarter, marched his offense 80 yards and capped the play with a 5 yard touchdown pass with just 30 seconds left on the clock.

WORST Fantasy Performance of the week- Andre Johnson, Wide Receiver, Houston Texans

Not much to say here. The injury plagued wide out caught just one pass for 15 yards against the Jets on Monday night. This normally wouldn’t be a big deal, but he wasn’t stacked up against the highly feared Darrelle Revis, as Revis has been sidelined with an injury. Johnson comes as a very highly touted fantasy player, and may have lost several games for owners expecting big production from him week in and week out.

WINNER of the week- Eric Winston, Lineman, Kansas City Chiefs

Who? Well, it isn’t too often a lineman is in the news, unless it’s due to injury, or the Packers TJ Lang ripping the referees a new one via social media. Winston boldly spoke out during a post-game interview against fans who cheered as Chiefs starting quarterback Matt Cassel was escorted off of the field after taking a hit to the head. Winston did not hold back as he even went as far as to say that, “If you are one of those people that were out there cheering or even smiled when he got knocked out, I just want to let you know, and I want everybody to know that I think it’s sickening and disgusting. We are not gladiators and this is not the Roman Coliseum.” Bold words spoken like a man who was deeply and truly bothered by this situation. Props to Eric Winston for saying what all of his teammates were probably thinking.

LOSER of the week (so far) – Alex Rodriguez, third baseman, New York Yankees

It seems as if A-Rod is up to his regular postseason antics as of late. Rodriguez is 1 for 9 in two games against the Orioles in the ALDS, with an ugly 5 strikeouts. For a guy with his accolades and salary, he should probably have a WAY better postseason production than he traditionally does. The reason I put “so far” in the title is that A-Rod is one bomb away from being everyone’s hero again, and with the series headed to the band box that is the new Yankees Stadium, A-Rod could turn it around. Tough to produce amidst the constant “cheater” and “steroid” chants being thrown his way this weekend in the Charm City. Traditionally, there’s no place like home, and maybe that’s what Rodriguez needs to turn his game around.

That’ll do it for this Tuesday! Be sure to check back next week for another edition of the Tirade!