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Shammell’s Tuesday Tirade: All-‘Merican Edition

FINALLY! Tuesday, November 06, 2012 is upon us. As America rushes out to cast their vote, I sit comfortably in my office writing another weekly edition of Shammell’s Tuesday Tirade. It’s not that I’m unpatriotic, it’s simply that I was one of the few American’s who were privileged enough to cast my vote via an absentee ballot about 2 weeks ago. Ah, the wonders of living outside of reasonable driving distance to your permanent address. Anyway, I think I speak for everyone in America when I say THANK 6 pound 7 ounce little infant baby JESUS that when we wake up in the morning, the crappy political campaign ads will be over and done with! I also think I speak for anyone on social media when I say, shut your mouths (or fingers) America! No one wants to see your verbal “Rock the Vote,” campaign online, and we ESPECIALLY don’t care who you voted for (unless it’s the guy one of your friends didn’t vote for, and then you’re sure to start a 57 comment Tirade of your own on a Facebook status).

Regardless of who wins, we still have sports… and with sports, I have an article to write. Here we go!


BEST Fantasy PerformanceDoug Martin, Running Back, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I could think of no better topic or player to start this part of the article with. Doug Martin absolutely went off on Sunday. His stat line alone is insane. On 25 touches, Martin racked up 251 yards and FOUR touchdowns. That’s absolutely ridiculous. The one they call “Muscle Hamster” grabbed the bull by the horns and took over the game, leading the Buccos to a 42-32 win over the Raiders out in Oakland. The Doug Martin Show began with about 12 minutes left in the third quarter, when he broke free for a 45 yard run for his first touchdown of the day. Fantasy owners were probably happy at this point to salvage a big point play out of what seemed to be a quiet performance from the rookie. But with 2 minutes left in the quarter, this time he broke free for 67 yards for a score, which was culminated by a nice little cut back move at the 5 yard line. In the fourth quarter, Martin broke out his biggest run of the day, a 70 yard scurry for yet another touchdown. And FINALLY, his day was capped with a 1 yard score to solidify the win and one of the best performances of the year by an NFL player so far.


WORST Fantasy PerformancePercy Harvin, Wide Receiver, Minnesota Vikings

This one was pretty unfortunate. Not only did Percy very minimally in a 30-20 loss at the hands of the Seahawks, Harvin also got hurt during the game. The speedy wide-out who was on his way to career numbers this season is quoted as being a “long-shot” for Minnesota’s game on Sunday. Harvin’s left ankle is sprained in three places, and he was seen on crutches Monday at the Vikings facility. This is not a good sign for fantasy owners, considering Harvin was beginning to emerge as one of the top receivers in the game this year. Don’t expect him out for long, however. If you can, scramble to find a temporary replacement, and owners should see him back to his old form in a few weeks.


BEST Performance(s) of the WeekJames Harden, Guard, Houston Rockets

It seems as if Harden is adjusting well his new home in the Lone Star State. He has always been good, however it became a bit apparent last season that he was a player who was simply overshadowed by Oklahoma City’s golden boy, Kevin Durant. After being shipped to Houston, Harden leads the NBA in points per game after its first week with 35.3 ppg. The next highest is Kobe out in LA with 26.8 ppg. Harden’s dominance was displayed in an opening night victory against the Detroit Pistons where the 6’5” guard recorded a double-double, racking up 45 points while dishing out 12 assists. The future looks bright for Harden, and even the Rockets who are off to a 2-1 start. Granted, the wins were against Detroit and the Atlanta Hawks, but you get the picture. Harden seems to be adjusting well sharing the back court with America’s favorite mid-season hype from last year, Harvard’s own Jeremy Lin. It’ll be interesting to see what this “Odd Couple” can turn out this season.


Worst Performance of the WeekPhiladelphia Eagles

Come on guys, after all, this IS The Eagles are getting down right painful to watch. Where do I begin? Let’s start with Michael Vick. The former Virginia Tech and NFL standout is not having an easy go of it this year. Not only does Vick lead the league in turnovers, but it seems as if he can’t buy a red zone touchdown. But is it all his fault? Being sacked 7 times negates that a little bit in my eyes. The birds’ offensive line got absolutely tossed around Monday night, on national television. That’s enough of a travesty in its own, not even looking at the amount of dropped passes. A prime example would be with Brent Celek’s brick hands on the 1 yard line. Vick’s pass hit the tight end in the palm, flew into the air and was intercepted and ran to the house by Saints cornerback Patrick Robinson. Let’s not even talk about the defense. The Saints 3 and 4 running backs on the depth chart made the Eagles once feared defense look silly yesterday. Former Heisman trophy winner and most forgot about first round pick within the past few seasons Mark Ingram was breaking tackles like it was his job, and during one run literally carried FOUR Eagles defenders about 5 yards. Chris Ivory, getting his first touches of the season, looked like he was in mid-season form, bouncing off the Eagles secondary gaining extra yards after contact. It seems as if the Eagles defense has gone downhill since the firing of former defensive coordinator Juan Castillo.

Normally, I’m not one to blame a coach for issues, and one could legitimately say that Reid has little to do with the lack of performance. However, the thing that bothers me is the fact that the only player on the entire roster worthy of getting the ball (LeSean McCoy) can barely even buy a carry. Why is it that one of the top backs in the league gets 19 touches when you have LEGITIMATELY the worst passing offense and quarterback in the NFL?.. Baffling….


TOP Game of the Week#1 Alabama vs. #5 LSU, NCAA Football

In a rivalry that has put out nothing but good contests the past few times they have met, this one was a doozy! The Crimson Tide appeared to be in the driver’s seat for 99% of the first half. In fact, aside from a Tiger field goal, it’s safe to say the first 30 minutes was dominated by Alabama who took a 14-3 lead into the locker room. Les Miles may have sparked LSU at the half because the Tigers returned to the field a different team. After shutting down quarterback A.J. McCarron, LSU put two touchdowns on the board, holding a 17-14 lead heading into the final minute of the game. McCarron dumped a screen out to T.J. Yeldon who took it 28 yards for a score to put Alabama in the lead with 51 seconds left, and eventually secured the victory. It wasn’t a barn burner by any means, but this is a classic college football match up that has become a more and more heated rivalry in the past year. As a result of the game, Alabama remains atop the Associated Press top 25, and LSU dropped to #9.


FUNNIEST News of the WeekJosh Hamilton’s Contract Demands

Are you kidding me? Hamilton boldly stated that he is looking for a deal in the neighborhood of 7 years, $175 MILLION! I’m sorry Josh, you’re a great ball player, but no one in their right mind will pay that money for a soon to be 32 year old with a VERY clouded past. He probably has the body of someone closer to about 40, not to mention the fact that the guy basically needs a baby sitter 24/7. In no way, shape, or form am I trying to downplay or mock his past judgments as an individual off the diamond, but he is far too big a liability to be paid that much. I respect the hell out of Josh Hamilton, but he may have a skewed view on this one. The thing that is most mind boggling is that his wife, Katie Hamilton, stated in an interview with Sports Illustrated this year that not only would he go where the biggest offer came from, but that he would also go where God told him to. Unless God is Mark Cuban and rolls around with billions of dollars, I don’t think Katie Hamilton and God are speaking the same language. With all that being said, best of luck Josh. Here I go saying that no one in their right mind would pay him that much, and the rumor mill is circulating that… you guessed it… the Phillies are in the market for the possibly-soon-to-be-former Texas Ranger. Sheesh.


That’ll do it for this week’s Tuesday Tirade. Be sure to stop by next, and every Tuesday for your weekly recap on what’s the buzz in the world of sports.

Happy voting America!



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