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Scoop Jardine to the Charlotte Bobcats? Michael Jordans Daughter?

Sources stated by writer John Mitchell says Philadelphia native Antonio “Scoop” Jardine, will be joining the Charlotte Bobcats Training Camp.  Scoop Jardine, had impressed many during the pre-draft workouts. In an unfortunate situation he fell awkwardly and broke his foot just 3 days before the draft.

So wondering how Scoop Jardine got into the Bobcats training camp? Well take a look at who he is taking photos with!

scoop jardine

If you dont know, its Jasmine Mickael Jordan, daughter of the legendary Michael Jordan (Who also owns the Charlotte Bobcats).

But who cares if that’s how Scoop got into training camp, he deserves it! Jardine is the perfect locker room guy, with a ton of heart on and off the court.

In one of the most successful seasons in Syracuse history, Jardine and his teammate Kris Joseph were the senior leaders and huge contributors. Jardine and the Orange led Syracuse to the number 1 spot for 6 weeks in December and January. Jardine’s numbers dropped a bit by averaging 8.9 points and 4.9 assists, but still led the Orange to a Big East regular season title.