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Roger Clemens Sugar Land Skeeters Debut a Success

Future Hall of Famer, Roger Clemens returned to the mound at the age of 50. With a long trial no in end, it was time for Clemens to do what he does best….Play Baseball!

Roger Clemens said he had two goals during his return to the mound for the Sugar Land Skeeters on Saturday night.

“I hope nothing breaks and I hope I don’t pull anything,” the 50-year-old righthander told reporters before making start against the mighty Bridgeport Bluefish.

Clemens was successful on both accounts and his performance wasn’t bad either as he threw 3 1/3 scoreless innings while striking out two and allowing only one hit. His outing lasted 37 pitches (24 for strikes) while his fastball topped out at 88 MPH on the radar gun. That’s certainly not bad for a 50-year-old, no matter the level of competition, though it’s also far from an indication that Clemens would be able to do the same thing against big leaguers should he attempt a comeback to Major League Baseball.

For his part, Clemens has said that he’s nowhere near “major league ready”:

”I don’t know how much clearer I can say it,” Clemens said Friday. ”I’m nowhere near major league ready, nor have I been training or pitching in that type of mode.”

Clemens, however, is also on record as saying he’ll do whatever Houston Astros owner Jim Crane wants him to do do and ESPN analyst Curt Schilling predicted that we’ll see Clemens pitching in a big league uniform come September “as long as he stays healthy.” If Clemens does stay healthy he would be a great addition to any MLB Roster. He will not only help teams like the Astros’s sell tickets, but also give them a dominant man on the mound.