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Relationship Lessons From ‘The League’

Hey there, Internet friend! I’m so glad to meet a fellow fan of “The League” (if you’re not a fan yet, you will be soon). I’m pretty sure it’s the funniest show on television right now. Some clips from the show, especially Taco’s songs, have gone viral as independent funny videos online. The writers are full of absurdly funny ideas and the actors tackle those ideas brazenly and without fear.

Five years ago, if you had bet money that a show about a bunch of bros playing fantasy football would be must-see television in my life, you’d be rich(er) today. Not a lot richer, but still, you would have won — I think you get my point.

This show doesn’t claim to be a realistic depiction of everyday life, and many critics claim it’s wildly sexist, but there are some valid relationship lessons that can be gleaned from this show.

Stop Trying So Hard, Andre!

Andre is a successful plastic surgeon with a swank pad. He’s a nice guy, but he can’t seem to find or keep a steady girlfriend. Why is that? Andre tries way too hard to be “cool.” While Andre’s working so hard to be hip to the newest trend, he’s basically telling the world that he isn’t good enough to just be himself. That lack of confidence is a total turn-off for healthy adult women.

Interesting Choice, Ruxin

Rodney Ruxin, Esquire, is married to a really sexy lady. We don’t see a lot of her on the show, though. And that’s because Ruxin firmly separates his work life, friend life and home life. And strangely enough, that seems to work for this couple. I know they’re fictional, but I can kind of see how a couple could work that way, especially when you’re married to someone who, let’s face it, is a jerk.

I can think of a few exes I could have tolerated a lot better if they would have channeled their inner jerk only during bro time. And I probably would have been a better girlfriend if I had worked out my hormone-driven angst in a tear-filled girls movie night instead of over Wednesday dinner. So, compartmentalizing might not be super romantic, but I think it’s a viable option for a select few couples.

All In: Kevin & Jenny

Kevin and Jenny are one of my favorite couples on television. They talk about more than just taking out garbage or problems with their kids. They are real people with common interests, and that makes for great TV. They don’t do everything together, but they are working together all the time and watching each other’s backs — except of course when they go head-to-head in the league.

In a recent episode, Kevin willingly takes over designated driver (DD) duties so Jenny can get crazy drunk on a few occasions. But she’s due, because she spent the last nine months being the DD, while she was pregnant with their son, Chalupa Batman. Kevin doesn’t berate her or belittle her, he steps up and takes care of her. Plus, the pranks the two of them work together to pull on other members of the league are often delightful. This is truly the kind of couple that plays together and stays together.