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10 Reasons why you SHOULD move to Philly!

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Philadelphia has repeatedly been skipped for other cities along the East Coast such as Washington, DC, Boston and New York. This is good news for you if you are not in the know already. If you are in the know, you will agree that money spent in Philly is money well spent for several reasons. Here are the reasons we think moving to Philadelphia is and will remain a great idea:

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10. Cheap and affordable rent.

There exists an unwavering stereotype held by visitors and megacity dwellers that American and foreign estate as well as housing firms deliberately fix, increase and change prices according to their whims. As it turns out, they must have skipped Philly before coming to that conclusion. This leaves more room for us to make excellent choices as regards where to rent and secure more space according to our needs without tearing our pockets or snitching our credit ratings. A whole housing unit can be rented within the city center for the cost a tiny studio in New York. You can even go to the extent of renting a park or a mansion exclusively for your family considering the statistics gathered by Zillow Rent Index in 2014. According to ZRI, the average rental charge until June 2014 for a square foot was about $1,134 i.e. $0.80. In comparison, it was ridiculously between $2,196-$2,469 or $1.75-$2.04 per square foot in New York, Boston and Washington. These rates have however risen at a geometric rate within the past few years.

9. A shopper’s paradise

Philadelphia low rent rate is a cue to a lot of development and growth. This shaped the city as a fast rising hub for artists and designers who need large spaces like studios and workplace for their businesses. Other artisans and tradespersons display and sell their products in stores, artsy or independent shops as well as boutiques in Northern Liberties, Old City and its neighborhoods. Prices of goods and services are very affordable and the shopper’s choice is limitless; you can fill a bag every day without having to spend too much or overly worry about your spending trends.

8. Historical legacy

Philadelphia still holds and remain unforgettable for playing host to the final struggles of American civil strives and Declaration of Independence by the Founding Fathers in 1776. This modest historical legacy adds more value to the quality of life here with several depictions of America’s history to delight at. This is evident of several iconic locations within the Center City, such as the paved alleys of Society Hill, carriage houses, stables, wooden stores of Old City as well as the tired floorboards of the century-old Reading Terminal Market. These iconic features are all protected and promoted as architectural legacies by the Preservation Alliance.

7. Wide practice of BYOB

Many restaurants are very open to the “Bring Your Own Bottle” practice which is rapidly becoming widespread in several regions within Philadelphia. This is largely due to Pennsylvania’s rigid liquor laws which made the price of licenses very costly to obtain. Don’t get dazzled by this, many restaurants owners have dumped the license and are giving you the freedom to bring your bottle to their restaurant and enjoy a great meal like several other budget diners. This is especially common to most restaurants within Center City which are being operated as small scale enterprises and family businesses. Although the choice has been improving, the perk is only restricted to state-owned stores.

6. You can always get a crazy fill of good food

Philadelphia may be well-known for its cheesesteaks but it restaurants also offers other fantastic, intuitive, outstanding and cheap services. They even go to great lengths to get you a table even when you forgot to make a timely reservation. It is, therefore, unsurprising that Stephen Starr Marc Vetri, as well as Jose Garces, run multi-million dollar empires within Philadelphia.

5. Beautiful parks and serene environment

William Penn, the mapper of Philadelphia, planned the city on four squares with great emphasis on serene environment and making all available space green. This remains so till today as evidenced in the upkeep of two authentic parks he planned- Rittenhouse and Washington Squares which are kept lush green all year round. Similarly, the park’s land bordering the Schuylkill is well groomed and accessible with several bike paths and open air spaces for picnics. Fairmount Park also has similar features and remain one of the largest parks in an urban environment within the country.

4. Craft kingdom

Philadelphia is among the leading beer cities in the country as depicted by its annual beer week festivities. Visitors and residents have a profound affection for pubs especially gastropubs due to their easily obtainable, simple and affordable craft beer varieties usually available within a $4-$6 range per pint. The drafts are often from Philly’s indigenous breweries such as Yards Brewing Company.

3. Like Brooklyn, like Philadelphia

Ditch the flavor thrown down the spice by Manhattan; Philadelphia and Brooklyn share a lot of things in common. These include night markets, indie music clubs, beer fairs, farmers markets, community gardens and lots more. Similarly, fun and adventure-loving hipsters abound in several neighborhoods such as East Passyunk and Fishtown. These neighborhoods may not be as wealthy as the renowned district; they are nonetheless good places to relax.

2. Philly is culturally endowed

You don’t have to travel wide in the States to have a good feel of energized cultural experience as Philadelphia is a culturally endowed city with its amazing music centers. The best of the pack include the Philadelphia Orchestra, headed by Wunderkind Yannick Nezet Seguin, who has been the Director since 2012. Also, the Curtis Institute which is famous as one of the best music schools sits some hundred meters away from Philadelphia Orchestra. Like in many other places, Benjamin Franklin Parkway hosts three artistic highbrow murals within direct sights of each other. They are the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Rodin Museum and the Barnes Foundation.

1. Philly is like home

Although Philadelphia is the fifth among the country’s largest cities, it’s a wonder it remains compact and easy to live in, move across by all modes of transportation and have fun. Its road networks are well integrated and managed with several alternatives to ease movement such as the expansion of bike lanes as well as the planned introduction of a bike-share program in the future. Besides, neighborhoods are unique in their right. Incredibly, with different outlines and designs, a cluster of blocks may look like a small town within a big town. Amazingly, there is a likely possibility to bump someone you know anytime you are in the neighborhoods.

Philly is fascinating as it gives its inhabitants a communal sense of belonging and fits our expectations of a world class city.