Philly Sports Live

Ben Franklin Loves Beer

Anybody who has ever visited Philadelphia knows that its residents take sports very seriously.  In a city known for “brotherly love,” its fans are anything but and are not afraid to show their passionate support for their home team and their disdain for their opponents.

Philly Sports Live is an upstart website that reports on the beloved Phillies, Flyers, Sixers, and Eagles.  It also covers other teams in Philadelphia such as the Philadelphia Union and the college sports programs at Temple and Villanova.

But, despite outstanding journalism, finding an online audience in a city that boasts two sports talk radio stations, a very popular digital newspaper, and a bevy of prominent blog sites has not been an easy task.

So, Philly Sports Live took to the streets to find Philly sports fans.  And, there was no place better to find them than this weekend in South Philly with the Phillies hosting the hated Mets and the Flyers pummeling the cross-state rival Penguins in the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs.

“We decided that the best way to become known was through guerilla marketing at Pattison and Broad,” said Frank Mazza, publisher of Philly Sports Live.  “We wanted to offer something hip, something cool, to Philly sports fans.  We wanted to offer them something that would enable them to get to our site immediately and quickly.”

That something was a silicone wrist band that enabled fans to immediately access the website while tailgating in the parking lots around the Wells Fargo Center and Citizen’s Bank Park.  Models hired by Philly Sports Live strolled through the parking lots and gave the wrist bands to the partying fans.

The wrist bands showed the Philly Sports Live logo plus a Custom QR Code that showed the most famous Philadelphia celebrity of all-time—Ben Franklin.  Franklin was also holding another favorite among Philadelphia sports fans—a beer.

The clever wrist bands were warmly received.  “We had people running up to us to get them,” said Mazza.  “After receiving them, 72.6% scanned them with their smartphones and visited our website.  It was the Ben Franklin QR Code that really got their attention.”

Philly Sports Live is a sports website that has been reporting on Philadelphia sports for a little over a year.  It covers the Phillies, Sixers, Eagles, Flyers, Union, and local college, and high school sports.

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