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Preview Eagles vs. Redskins game

The Washington Redskins come to Philadelphia with a 3-6 record. Their most recent loss came against the Minnesota Vikings on Thursday Night Football. Due to playing on Thursday, Washington’s players have a few extra days of rest.

 The skid of 10 straight home losses suffered by the Eagles has the same feeling as that streak we saw earlier this year, the one where the Lions had never won in Washington. The Lions were due. Even though each game is a separate event and what happened against the Bengals last year at Lincoln Financial Field or this year against the Chargers there has no logical connection with Sunday’s game, I just think the Eagles are due.

Let’s focus on the Eagles’ quarterback for a second. The last time Nick Foles started a game at Lincoln Financial Field, well, let’s just say it didn’t go so well. The young quarterback had a terrible outing. Whatever caused that performance, it simply can’t happen this time around. Foles needs to show he can step up and deliver in a big game. Putting up gaudy stats is one thing, but it’s not just enough for Foles to play well. It’s time to seal the deal with a win.

As a team, last week the Eagles rushed for 204 yards on a top 5 Packers run defense that was only allowing 95.5 yards a game. The Eagles have also been doing a great job by tearing great defenses in a really smart way. If you want to know more about the predictions as well as for more Eagles odds news you can click here. If the Eagles can tear up a defense that good, imagine what they can do to Washington’s defense.

The Eagles’ offense had little trouble scoring against Washington in the season opener. That trend could continue due to the Redskins’ lackluster defense. It ranks bottom five in several major categories, including points per game allowed, yards per play allowed, first downs per game allowed, and TD passes allowed. Don’t forget that Washington’s defense is featured with horrible tacklers.

It will be interesting to see how Kyle Shanahan goes after the Eagles defense. They want to run the ball but the Philly defense averages giving up a very respectable 4.0 yards per carry. Their pass defense is 31st in the league. This will not be popular with the “pound the rock” crowd but the way to go may be to try to build a lead with the passing game and then preserve it with Alfred Morris.

My game day perdection is: Eagles 31, Redskins 28