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Powerful, Fast and Reliable Internet for All Students in the Home

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post as a part of a campaign I’m doing with Verizon FiOS in Philadelphia. #FiOSPhilly

Today’s Internet has brought about improvements in science, technology, communication and entertainment, but it has also brought about tremendous improvement in the educational aspect as well. Lecturers uses the Internet to supplement their lectures, also a number of high status universities have opened free online lectures and courses.

It is of high importance for parents and students to recognize that access to a powerful, fast and reliable Internet is as vital at home as it is on campus, and that students without the same privileges as their peers risk falling behind. The push from the Government to expand powerful Internet at home reflect just how important it is to all students. Read on to know more about why I believe it’s important to have a powerful, fast, reliable internet for all students in the home.

Messaging programs and video chat

One of the very important parts of participating in a classroom environment is to teach the kids to connect and interact with their equals. A high-speed Internet connection makes it easy for students to bring those activities to their home for group projects and study sessions. When students are scanning and exchanging notes over email, having a presentation over voice chat or exchanging information using a group messenger program, a strong  Internet connection is needed.

Getting kids up to speed on all educational uses of the Internet will give them privileges when moving to higher educational length and also provide them a great tool to connect with their kids later in life.

Multimedia resources

Many schools are replacing worksheets and textbooks with project-based assignments that require students to have a strong reliable Internet connection to work without problems. Joseph Leone, CEO of Leones Comp, and a technical contractor for multiple education outlets,pointed out that a powerful, strong and reliable Internet is all needed to work well, without that last level of connectivity the gap in terms of what a student needs to be better will be widened

As the various formats of online media given to student becomes more of high quality, such as 4K quality video or galleries with high resolution images, stronger Internet speeds will be very important for students to finish their homework.

Video-conferencing between teachers and parent

Some parents are so busy, making time to fit in parent-teacher conferences can be almost impossible, when trying to adjust their daily schedule, having a strong internet connection assists in this aspect. More schools are now taking advantage of video-conferencing technology, which makes it very easy for parents and teachers to partake in a face-to-face conversation. Communication is improved when teachers and parents have direct access to one another, and this dialog can contribute to the child’s success in school.

Parents should upgrade their broadband connection today. Upgrading your service is as easy as getting in touch with your Internet provider and paying a slightly higher bill each month. I believe A strong Internet connection will make a student do a significant amount of learning in a shorter time!