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Philly police release video of a Chicago Bulls fan being shot

Police released a graphic video of a Philadelphia 76ers fan shooting a Chicago Bulls fan on a Philadelphia subway train. (Warning: The video shows the actual shooting.)

The shooting followed Wednesday night’s game. The Bulls beat the Sixers, 96-89.

In the video, you see two teenage males standing near a subway car door reportedly arguing with another man wearing Chicago Bulls gear.

NBC10 in Philadelphia reports that as the train stopped at 46th and Market Streets, the doors opened and one of the suspects pulled out a handgun and shot into the train hitting the Bulls fan in the stomach.

“It’s bizarre. This is behavior that is just over the top,” said Philadelphia Police Lt. John Walker. “It’s intolerable. I mean, people have to realize this reckless behavior cannot continue.”

The bullet passed through the victim’s body and hit an innocent bystander in the leg.

The injured bystander was released from a local hospital Thursday afternoon. The injured Bulls fan remained in the hospital in stable condition.

The two suspects ran out of the subway station as passengers ducked for cover.

“Here’s a young man, who obviously has anger management issues,” said Lt. Walker. “Instead of just controlling his anger and dealing with the issue, he decides to fire a shot into a crowded train.”

The suspects, who you can see clearly below, are still on the run.