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Phillies Still Have Playoff Hopes Despite Tough Start

The Philadelphia Phillies have battled all season long to try and get above .500, but so far it has just not been in the cards. However, thanks to some inconsistent play from the Atlanta Braves and the Washington Nationals, the Phillies are still well positioned to make a playoff push in the National League East.

Philadelphia was picked by most people to be the odd team out in the playoff race in their division, as the Braves and Nationals had healthier and more talented players. What people didn’t account for is the reemergence of some of the top players still on the Phillies, and the emergence of new talent.

Chase Utley has been one of the bright spots for Philadelphia, as the second baseman appears to be fully healthy for the first time in a couple of seasons. His defense has dropped off a bit, but his ability to hit for power and average is close to being back to normal. He is heading to the DL with a mild oblique strain, which will

Meanwhile, early injuries John Lannan and Roy Halladay might have scared any fantasy baseball owners, to the team it has actually be a blessing in disguise. Guys like Jonathan Pettibone and Kyle Kendrick have had early success on the mound, allowing the team to battle through offensive woes from time to time. If Cole Hamels, Cliff Lee and Roy Halladay can get back to normal, the Phillies can end up getting into the playoffs.

The Braves and Nationals do not look quite as dominant as people thought they would be. With two Wild Cards in both leagues, it seems as though just one hot spell stands in the way of Philadelphia becoming legitimate contenders. They have veterans who can come through and provide value when times get tough, so as long as they stay close, they can give it a shot in the second half of the season.