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Stupid News: Phillies Still Giveaway Pence Bobbleheads

hunter pence bobbler

One of the more awkward Phillies giveaways will happen Tuesday night as 44,000 or so fans make their way home with a Hunter Pence bobblehead doll. That’s right, the Phillies are giving away a bobbler of the now San Francisco Giant to all fans attending the Phightins game against the Cincinnati Reds. For their parts the Phils and Pence both seem happy that the promotion is still happening. Yea I guess Pence is happy because we look like idiots for his free publicity! Like come-on he was here for a year! If it was Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley or maybe…just maybe Shane Victorino; it would be somewhat okay. But Hunter Pence? The guy did nothing here, no championships and no records.

I guess the Eagles should give away a Vince Young Bobble Head this season.