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Phillies Can Still Make the Playoffs!

With 34 games to play, the Philadelphia Phillies may find themselves pushing open one of the smallest gaps in an MLB playoff appearance. At 61-67, the Phillies would need to go 30-4 in their remaining games. The way the team has started off their season, you maybe extremly skeptical; but this is not impossible. The Phillies have won 7 of their last 10 games, with a recent sweep against the Washington Nationals.

Cliff Lee has just gotten his first win at home, Roy Hallady seems back on track, Cole Hamels is showing why he is one of the highest paid pictures, and most of all Kyle Kendrick is looking like one of the best major league pictures! If the pitching can stay on track, who is going to beat us? The Phillies seem like they are hungry again and other teams better hope they don’t make it. The Phillies will definitely have to right, and winning 30 games against a few good teams will be a journey.

Lets break out the remainder of the games:

3 Home games against the Mets to end the month; this should be a cake walk considering the Mets absolutely suck and are the biggest choke artists in the MLB (Easy 3 game sweep, especially after coming off the Washington sweep).

3 games away vs. the Braves; which they will come off a 2 series sweep. They will most likely pull out another sweep here with the momentum carrying over.

3 games at Cincinnati  against the Reds. Figure coming off a 3 sweep series, they would have to sweep these bums or only lose 1 game.

They then come home for 6 games, 3 against the Rockies, and 3 against the Marlins. Being one of the hottest teams in baseball, coming home against two garbage teams, this should also be an easy sweep.

They then play 3 games at the Astros (EASY SWEEP), and then back against the Mets, which they will go 2-3.

They then come home for 6 more games where they will take the Braves for 2-3 games and then Washington for 2 of 3 games.

They then end the season with a sweep against the marlins and a sweep against the Nationals who will have all their scubs in due to a divisional clinch.

Still dont believe it’s possible?

In each full season since the Wild Card was adopted in 1995, the club that would have earned the newly invented second WC spot finished with at least 88 wins on all but two out of 16 occasions.

Meaning technically they would only need to go 27-7 to make the playoffs.

The Phils went 29 and 9 in their last 37 games of the 2011 season. So how is it not possible?