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Phillies 257 Consecutive Game Sell-Out Streak Ended Last Night


The loss made the Phillies 49-60, which equals their loss total from all of last season. They fell 17 games behind the first-place Nationals in the NL East and 13½ behind Atlanta and Pittsburgh for the two wild card spots. 

Meanwhile, the Phillies’ National League record of 257 consecutive regular-season sellouts came to an end on Monday night when a crowd of 41,665 was announced. It marked the first time the Phillies had played in front of a less-than-capacity crowd since July 6, 2009 in a game where they beat the Reds, 22-1.

Sad day in Philadelphia. The most electrifying ballpark in baseball, is, well, not so electrifying when you’re 49-60 and your 5-hole hitter is John Mayberry Jr.

But let’s reflect for a second.

5 straight division titles, 2 NL championships, 1 World Series championship, and 257 straight sell-outs (beginning July 6th, 2009) at the Bank. The best first and second baseman in franchise history. Arguably, the best shortstop in franchise history. Pat Burrell and his dog. Jayson Werth’s foam finger. And, of course, World Fuckin’ Champs. Hope everyone realizes how special baseball was in our city from 2007-2012.

Ps. Charlie’s time could be up at the end of the season as well, and I wouldn’t hate it.

Pps. This could be our last Phillies post this season.

Ppps. Never forget how great Chase Utley was (is?), and the way he played the game every single day. Teach your son to play the way #26 played.

Article Via: The School Philly