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Philles Can Still Make the Playoffs! #YouGottaBelieve

Many of us fans believe the Philadelphia Phillies are completely done, but are they? With a win over the Brewers last night, the Phillies record is now 56-65 putting the 11 games out of the Wild Card. With 41 games remaining this season, it becomes a long shot, but definitely not impossible. If the Fightins win 34 of their next 40 games, they will improve their record to 90-71. In the course of the next 41 games they play 3 wildcard contenders. They will face the Cincinnati Red 9 more times, and the Atlanta Braves and New York Mets 6 times each.  If they were to come in this next 4 games with a sweep, it will drive so much more momentum. The Phils went 29 and 9 in this same stretch Last Year. Not so far off 34 and 7. Of course it’s not the same team, but hey its possible right?

If the Phillies pitches can stay on track, if Cliff Lee can get a few wins, I see it happening. Lets get the “High Hopes” song playing in CBP and lets believe that we could be the miracle team vs. the dream team.

Come On Jimmy, Lets Get this Team Fired up!!!!!! #Yougottabelieve