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Peyton Manning as the Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback?

For weeks we have heard of a mystery team interested in Peyton Manning and now on the day of his release Philadelphia Eagles fans are hearing rumblings that it may be the Eagles. No way will Peyton Manning play in the NFC East against his brother Eli, many NFL experts are saying. No way will Peyton play in the NFC at all, say many others.

Peyton has three, possibly four years left to play in the NFL and he wants to win at least one more Super Bowl to equal his little brother’s accomplishment. Peyton’s best fit may be in the same division as brother Eli’s New York Giants. The teams with a glaring need for a legendary quarterback under center are in the NFC East.

If the Eagles put together the best offer, Peyton will wear Eagles green and he will play Eli twice a year in the regular season. The Eagles are the perfect fit for the former Indianapolis Colts legend. The Eagles have a top three running back in LeSean McCoy and they have an outstanding receiving corps headed by Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson.

The Eagles also have an offensive-minded head coach in Andy Reid that will work well with Peyton’s offensive inventiveness. The combination of Reid, McCoy and the talented receivers on the Eagles provides a perfect fit for Manning but there is one problem: What about Michael Vick?