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People Will Come Ray…

field-of-dreams-2Phinally…wait that’s not right. Finally. That’s it.

Opening day 2013 is upon us. It is a day of hope. For one day, the slate is wiped clean, everyone is tied, and everyone has a chance to do great things.

The eyes of baseball fans everywhere are calling out sick, or at least constantly checking their smart phones for their team’s score.

Refresh, refresh, refresh…Don’t act like you’ve never done it.

The special red, white and blue bunting drapes the ballpark, and the smell of hot dogs and green grass is intoxicating. Some players have compared it to a playoff game. Everyone is raring to go, everyone is excited, and the park is packed everywhere you look.

For one day, just one day, our national pastime has center stage. What a beautiful thing.

This is what Terrence Mann referred to in his famous monologue from the film “Field of Dreams.” James Earl Jones’ splendid tones describing the ambiance of this game is awe-inspiring.

It is a day of dreams. We all remember our first game. Sitting in the stands with Dad. In many ways, this day provides us the fortuity of returning to our youth for nine innings. Today, we are kids again.

Some are fortunate enough to blend those memories with new ones of them with children of their own, and Grandpa comes along to share the special day. Three generations of family enjoying hot dogs and cracker jacks at the game.

Some teams are looking to play .500 ball. Some expect to make the playoffs. Some expect, even guarantee they’ll win the World Series. And that’s okay, because for one day, anything is possible.

“People Will Come Ray”

Whether their team begins a title defense or simply hopes not to finish last, fans everywhere will stand together and cheer on their heroes as they take the field.

“This field, this game. It’s a part of our past Ray. It reminds us, of all that once was good. And could be again.”

More than any other sport, baseball is devoted to its history. The insurmountable records, the gold gloves the immortals used to steal our hearts, the homeruns they hit, the victory celebrations and the agony of defeat.

The legends, the lovable losers and the characters of yesteryear have shaped this game to where we stand today.

“America has rolled by like an army of steam rollers. It’s been erased like a blackboard. Rebuilt, and erased again. But Baseball has marked the times.”

For me, my love of baseball is rooted on opening day. Growing up in Philly, when the team wasn’t so hot, opening day was a chance to win and be relevant for a day. A chance to show the world that you’re serious about contending, if only for one day.

Why this game is so incredible, though, is that fact that every once in a while, the fans in the stands get to witness and be a part of something that’s never happened before in the game, and may never happen again. Perhaps an infielder stepping to the mound in the 17th inning and retiring the side, having never pitched a day in his life.

One thing still holds true. The excitement and hope that opening day brings. Moms and Dads, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives, friends and co-workers.

Today, we are united in knowing nothing is impossible in the game of life.

Our national pastime reinforces that hope.

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