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Military Dream Ends as a Result of the Penn State Riot

As students head back to State College, Pennsylvania to start their fall semesters at Penn State this week, one particular student’s experience may be more memorable than others; but not for a good reason.

Justin Strine, a model student, and member of the University’s ROTC program, spent much of his summer in jail and recently saw his dreams of being an officer in the military slip away after he pleaded guilty to his involvement in mass rioting that took place on Penn State’s campus November 9, after the firing of legendary head football coach Joe Paterno. The result of the court case was him being removed from the ROTC program.

Strine put his future in jeopardy that cool autumn night, when he was part of a large group of students who pelted a news van with rocks, and then flipped the vehicle. Strine tells the tale that he was pressed against the already flipping van, placed his hands on the hood to regain balance, and next thing he knew the van was on its side. Unlucky for him, the entire incident was caught on camera. That evidence was all prosecutors needed to charge him with felony counts of riot, and criminal mischief.

In all, Penn State sanctioned 32 students for their involvement in the riot, with punishments varying in suspension by semester, to probation.

The 21 year old Strine, a native of Hummelstown, PA, was quoted as saying,

“I’m losing everything I worked my entire life for.”

Strine comes from a family rich in military history, with his grandfather, father, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, and cousins all formerly or currently serving in some branch of the military.

All essentially out of curiosity, following the current trend, another life dream was ended recently at Penn State. Whether he was guilty or not, the path to Justin Strine’s success just got a little bit longer, barring the question, just how much more can Happy Valley take?

Justin Strine Penn State

In this June 9, 2012, photo provided by Justin Strine, Strine, left, poses with his younger brother Jamie Strine, center, and older brother, Jim Strine, at Jamie’s high school graduation in Hershey, PA. (AP Photo/Strine Family Photo, James Strine)