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Penn State Doing Penn State

[DailyCollegianPenn State students returning to State College for the fall semester made the weekend a busy one for local police.

Alcohol-related incidents topped the weekend activities with 27 reports of underage drinking and four reports of driving under the influence, according to the Penn State University Police Daily Activity and Fire Log.

Nine people were transported to the Mount Nittany Medical Center, according to the log.

Police also reported three incidents of possession of marijuana, according to the log.

These numbers are similar, but slightly higher than last year’s fall move-in weekend crime numbers, which included 20 reports of underage drinking and seven reports of marijuana possession, as previously reported.

“Oh my god! Penn State is an awful school. All the students support child abuse and they don’t care about the victims because they enjoy drinking and smoking in college! How dare those animals! That school needs to be shut down!”

I can hear them now. The haters. Ha.

We’re not advocating getting underages and smoking weed, by any means. Having said that, keep doing you Penn State. Haters gonna hate.