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Pajoy shipped to DC: What does it all mean?

Confused on what to think of the Philadelphia Union’s latest trade? I was at first, too. After all, Lionard Pajoy came into Philly advertised as the best thing since sliced bread, and panned out to be no better than the little twisty wire that holds the bread bag closed.

The ideology behind the acquisition of Pajoy was that he would become the next Sebastien Le Toux

You remember Le Toux right? That speedy Frenchman, team MVP for the first two seasons, 25 goals in that time, and league MVP candidate in 2011 that we HAD to ship off to Vancouver for practically nothing (and so goes the legacy of former coach Peter Nowak)…

But I digress. So with Pajoy not panning out to become Le Toux, it was clear that a move had to be made. After all, look around the sports world. Hanley Ramierez was acquired by the Marlins to win rings, he didn’t, so starts the “Hanleywood” era in LA. The 76ers were built around Andre Iguodala, but man does Andrew Bynum look WAY better in a Sixers uniform.

Coming to the Union is a speedy young midfielder by the name of Danny Cruz. This is why the trade excites me. Although Danny’s stats are nothing to write home about (1 goal and 3 assists in 12 starts with DC United), his overall makeup as a player is something that could help gel the Union, who has had a roller coaster of a season. That, and he’s only 22, and has been in the MLS for four years.

The move also does something else for the Union, opens up an international roster spot. With this, the sky is the limit for the boys in blue during the offseason (couple the spot with the tons of allocation money Mr. Nowak got us for shipping out our entire franchise days before his demise as head coach).

Pajoy and Cruz will have little time to adjust in their new surroundings, as the Union travel down 95 and take on DC United this Sunday at RFK Stadium.


Source—Philadelphia Inquirer