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Ohio State Bans “Live Tweeting” From Urban Meyer’s Press Conferences

[AwfulAnnouncing] For one day, the Ohio State football program banned members of the media from sending tweets during OSU head coach Urban Meyer’s press conferences.  At Monday’s press conference, an announcement was made by an OSU spokesperson that reporters would no longer be allowed to send tweets to their followers and immediately report news.  They would instead have to wait until the conclusion of the press conference.

At this point, you should be asking something along the lines of, “why would a school not allow reporters to tweet during a press conference” and “how does a school think they can or can’t allow reporters to tweet during a press conference” or even “why would a school even bother with something so insignificant and asinine as trying to ban reporters from tweeting during a press conference.”

Urb, bro. Come on. Get a clue. It’s 2012. What’s the point of no live tweeting? Power trip…