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Octomom BANNED​ from Celebrity Box​ing Events​

Below is an e-mail/statement distributed by Celebrity Boxing CEO, Damon Feldman:

I am the owner of Celebrity Boxing and we have to let the public know to clear our name as  we have Banned Nadya The Octomom Suleman from any future Celebrity Boxing matches due to 1. her breaking a local female DJ Shilas hand in a pillow fight with no Explanation or apology  2. For agreeing then pulling out of a match in Tampa Florida in which we where owed money from her manager to to be repayed for prior appearance. Nadya is hurting our reputation and feel it is best we move on and go our separate directions, we have been losing deals because of she has been associated with us for the last 2 years, we have lost sponsors and charities are hesitant to work with us.

I do wish her the Best but she is Banned from everything to do with Celebrity Boxing and that means attending as well.  We have helped and promoted The Octomom’s matches on several occasions and have helped her  make well over 6 Figures in Celebrity Boxing  events we have had her in! It has come down to the Banning as we cannot afford to pay MS Suleman as we do wish her the best with all future endeavors. We do hope she helps her kids!

Sincerly, Damon Feldman
CEO Celebrity Boxing Federation!