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No Criminals in this Years NFL Draft

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According to an internal league memo obtained from NFL officials, there will be no “criminals” in tomorrows draft in Chicago. The memo went on to emphasize that potential players who have a criminal record from their past or those who have been convicted of sexual assault, domestic violence or weapon charges will not be permitted to be present at future NFL scouting combine or draft event.

A leeway to avoid this is for a player to submit himself to a background check. If upon refusal, an independent check reveals that the player had been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor in the past, he will lose the right to attend “any league-related event” as NFL’s executive vice president of football operations, Troy Vincent stated in the memo.

The ban from “any league-related event” does not, however, operate to exclude a player with a previous conviction from being drafted into the league.

Vincent further said, “It is important for us to remain strongly committed to league values as we demonstrate to our fans, future players, coaches, general managers and others who support our game that character matters.”

The rule, however, seems to have little or no effect based on the probable numbers of players who may be affected by it every year. Interestingly, former Michigan linebacker Frank Clark who made it as a second-round pick of Seattle Seahawks would have being shut out of last year’s festivities due to his arrest and subsequent guilty plea to a lesser charge of domestic violence.

On the other hand, this would not have kept Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback and no one pick for the 2015 draft, Jameis Winston, out of league-related events as the unending allegations of sexual assault against him during his stay in Florida State didn’t result in a conviction.

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