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NFL on Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving, a day to give thanks to friends, family and everything we have in our lives. This day is also a day to give thanks to great food, great beer and great football games. Yes, the best day of the year in my opinion, it is a day that almost all men get to have off from work and watch football games all day followed by a turkey dinner. Everyone has different traditions, some like to play pick-up football games in the morning and then go watch the NFL games, others like to cook themselves while watching football, whichever tradition you take part in, have fun tomorrow!

I for one will be getting up a little later than usual and would like to throw the football around outside before the first game starts at noon. Speaking of the first game, let’s get right to it.

Thanksgiving Day’s first game will take place between the Houston Texans (9-1) and the Detroit Lions (4-6). On paper this looks like a fairly easy game for the Texans; most have them ranked as the number one team in football and the Lions have had a very inconsistent year so far. I do believe the Texans will win this game, but it will not happen as easy as it would appear. The Lions are the home team and they get to play in this Thanksgiving Day game every year. This is new for the Texans, a team who has proven they can play very well in the regular season for the past few years, and although this is not a post-season game, it has all the hype of one. Big stage, national television, on Thanksgiving Day, has a similar feel to a post-season game and should be a good test for Houston. Two of the best wide receivers in the league will be going at it during the game in Calvin Johnson and Andre Johnson. This should be an exciting one, with a lot of deep passes and high scoring. My prediction for the final score is Texans 30 – Lions 20.

The four o’clock game is a classic Thanksgiving Day football match-up. Two teams from the NFC East going at it on national television. The Washington Redskins (4-6) will travel down to Texas to take on the Dallas Cowboys (5-5). These are two teams still fighting their way up the ladder in the NFC East looking to take the lead as the number one team. This game is going to be a mean-old school football game that should remind us of how the game should always be played. What I would like to see in the game is RG3 step up and try and knock the Cowboys down in their own stadium, and on a day that they have taken name to. Tony Romo seems to play well on Thanksgiving and always plays better in the later months of the football season. This should be a smash-mouth football game with a lot of running and just a few deep passes to try and break the game open. Look to see rookie running back Alfred Morris to have a big game on the ground and for RG3 to make a few big rushes as well. My prediction for this game is Redskins 23 – Cowboys 17.

New England Patriots (7-3) versus the New York Jets (4-6) will be the final game of the day. These are two AFC East rivals going at it and a great time for the Pats to put a stamp on the division title. The Patriots look as if they are on pace for another great run in the playoffs and the Jets have looked like a ship with no captain. This game shouldn’t even be close; the Jets are not even in the same league as the Patriots. It is time for the Jets to give Tebow a chance; he can’t do any worse than Sanchez has this year. If this is going to be a Brady – Sanchez show down, then I see the score of this game being Patriots 34 – Jets 10. Even with both starting tight ends out for the Patriots and the game being played in New York, I still do not believe the Jets will have any real shot at winning this game.

I wish everyone a fun and safe holiday, Happy Thanksgiving!