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NBA Draft Rumors: Sixers Select Steve Irwin’s Crocodile

The 2014 NBA Draft is Tonight; all I can say is FINALLY, no more rumors! Well Maybe just one more…

If a trade does not take place for the first overall pick from Cleveland,  our analyst here PSL have come to the conclusion that the Philadelphia 76ers will draft Steve Irwin’s Crocodile of Basketball, Dante Exum!(Cheesy? — You heard it here first)

Although the Sixers have MCW at the point guard position, the 6’6 Exum could easily play in a dual point guard system alongside Carter-Williams. Considering his size and even that of Carter-Williams, there’s reason to believe Philadelphia wouldn’t have trouble pairing the two on the defensive end, either. However, getting Exum would help clarify the assumption of trading MCW to the Lakers in return for the 7th overall pick. That pick would help pull a player like Julius Randle or even Douggie Fresh.

Tonight’s draft will be spectacular, I am just excited to hear Exum say “Crikey, mate” after he is selected!